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   Ethical Codes and Standards After affective from a big burghal to a rural setting, Janice is adversity from all-overs and abasement because of adjustments to the change. She wants to seek counseling casework to advice her adjust. Janice has consistently admired her aloofness and is award it difficult to accomplish to seeing a advisor in a rural setting. The association has alone one brainy bloom counselor. Janice fears that if she begins counseling sessions, bodies will apprentice that she is ability therapy. In addition, Janice is a adherent Catholic and is acquainted that the advisor is a adherent Jehovah's Witness, as is best of the community. Janice is afraid that the advisor ability try to animate her to convert. She is atrocious to allocution to addition and does not apperceive area to turn. Identify the ethical standards of the APA or ACA cipher specific to Janice's apropos that the advisor should chase to accommodate able and ethical services. Identify specific sections of the ethical code, declared in your own words, which may administer to Janice's situation. Describe, application the scenario, why ethical standards are important for applicant progress.

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