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 Occupational therapist    Tasks In the Discussion Area, address the following: Select one of the careers that crave graduate-level degrees. Identify at least three graduate academy programs you would accede attending. For example, if you achievement to become a accountant able advisor (LPC), you would aboriginal charge to acquire a master's amount at the actual least. You would appetite to analysis programs that accommodate master's degrees in counseling. Include analysis on whether you would accomplish the requirements for licensure in your accompaniment of abode if you completed those specific programs. Cover the following: Indicate which authorization you would seek and which programs would or would not adapt you to be acceptable for licensure. If you appetite to become licensed, ensure that these programs accommodated your state's requirements for licensure. For example, if you ambition to become an LPC, you would accept to analysis the American Association of Accompaniment Counseling Boards and locate your state's licensing lath website address. For anniversary of the three alum academy programs, analysis and altercate the institution's accreditation. You may acquisition that abounding accompaniment licensing boards crave programs to be regionally accredited. You ability appetite to analysis the US Department of Education's Database of Accepted Postsecondary Institutions and Programs to actuate whether the academy is regionally accredited. Most states additionally crave a specialized accreditation for licensure as an LPC or a psychologist. For counseling licenses, best states account programs that accept the CACREP designation. For attitude licenses, APA accreditation is usually required. Acquisition programs with the CACREP designation. Discuss any apropos you may accept about applying to or accessory alum school. List any questions you accept about the appliance or licensure process. Provide at atomic two accurate references or sources for the advice you accept discussed. One of these can be the textbook. Submission Details: Write your antecedent acknowledgment in a minimum of 100–150 words. 

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