WEEK 1 INDIVIDUAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT Work on this cardboard appointment individually. Purpose of Assignment  The purpose of this appointment is to accept what basal accouterments and software apparatus accomplish up a computer. Students will analysis accouterments components, operating arrangement software, and appliance software to actuate how they appointment calm to action information. Students will use a chat processing apparatus to authenticate how to accurately architecture a cardboard in APA appearance application abilities abstruse in readings and MindTap simulations.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Internet chase agent such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016: Introductory: Module 1: Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Chat Certificate with a Picture Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016: Introductory: Module 2: Creating a Analysis Cardboard with References and Sources MindTap: Week 1 Tutorials Create a Microsoft® Word® certificate adored beneath the afterward book name format:  w1-bis221-paper-StudentFirstLastName.doc (ex. w1-bis221-paper-JohnDoe.doc) or  w1-bis221-paper-StudentFirstLastName.docx (ex. w1-bis221-paper-JohnDoe.docx). Research computer accouterments and software and how they appointment calm to action user requests.  Develop a 750 to 1,050-word arbitrary anecdotic the role of accouterments apparatus and operating arrangement software on a computer:  Discuss what accouterments apparatus should be advised back chief what applications to install.  Sum up the key utilities in operating arrangement software acceptance users to adapt their desktop and accumulate their PC maintained and optimized. Include the afterward in the summary:  Format cardboard application APA Guidelines begin in the link Writing and Appearance Guidelines (APA) for 100-299 classes on the lower appropriate ancillary of the Class Home page. Use what you abstruse in Chat Modules 1 & 2 to admit in-text citations and references application APA style. Use the Chat Bulleted affection to account basal accouterments apparatus and ascertain their function. Insert a account or angel of your PC, or one that you begin on the Internet. Type the accomplish and archetypal of PC beneath the account and administer Chat appearance to adventurous and highlight.  Use the Week 1 APA-Formatted Cardboard Template in the Student Materials to address your paper. Format your appointment constant with APA guidelines for 100-299 classes.  Follow the requirements in the Grading Guide beneath the Student Materials and in the Instructor Policies at the Class Home page. Save the MS Chat certificate book application the afterward book name format: w1-bis221-paper-StudentFirstLastName.doc (ex. w1-bis221-paper-JohnDoe.doc) or w1-bis221-paper-StudentFirstLastName.docx (ex. w1-bis221-paper-JohnDoe.docx). Click the Appointment Files tab to abide your assignment. Verify that the submitted MS Chat certificate book is readable, actual and complete (immediately afterwards submission).

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