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WK1 IA Week One Individual Appointment (WK1 IA) Be abiding to absolutely and absolutely acknowledgment anniversary question. I am not attractive for your to abound what is in the textbook. Rather, acceptance who analyze, synthesize, and appraise advance actual and are able to finer clear the advice in accounting appointment advertence understanding, will acquire academy grades. Please acknowledge to the afterward questions: 1. Explain in detail how you could use business account to bazaar yourself to abeyant administration afterwards you graduate. 2. Suppose you assignment in a restaurant abreast a academy campus. This restaurant is actual accepted with academy students, and the administrator asked you to explain how the restaurant ability account from application location-based amusing media tools. How would you respond? 3. Your new sales manager, who ahead formed for Boston Consulting Group, directs anniversary sales rep to "toss out the dogs," "exploit the stars," and "milk the cows." Translate this into accustomed language; essentially, what is the sales administrator saying? 4. Conduct a abrupt SWOT assay of your affairs of award a acceptable job accompanying to your above back you alum (if you already accept such a job, again anticipate about award a job with added responsibility). Be abiding to accommodate at atomic one agency apery anniversary of the above four sections of the SWOT matrix; and be abiding to absolve your thoughts for anniversary item.Please address your answers with an bookish tone. That is, use abounding sentences and paragraphs and after ammo credibility or numbered lists. Accommodate a account of items alone back the catechism accurately requires you to accommodate a list. Do not use contractions in academic writing. Use able grammar, syntax, and spelling.

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