Homework For Health Care Management

Due Tomorrow at 5PM CST

Discussion Board #7 

HCA 340 500

Discussion Board Assignment #7

Chapter9–Long Term Care

Answer the afterward questions on Long Term Care:

  1. More than three-fourths of the aged defective abetment is cared for by ancestors members, abounding of whom additionally   assignment alfresco the home. What implications does this accept for employers? What types of employer behavior ability    be adapted apropos those affianced in accouterment abiding affliction for a ancestors member?
  2. Discuss:  In what means does acceptable affection in the abiding affliction industry affectation appropriate challenges to regulators              and consumers?
  3. The amount of breezy abiding affliction provided by ancestors associates and accompany is estimated at over $450 billion annually, added than bifold the civic expenditures for accomplished nursing and home affliction combined. Much of this                amount would abatement to government if it were not for this breezy system. Would you abutment government abetment     for breezy caregivers, through mechanisms such as tax abridgement incentives, or subsidy for acquittal care? Why         or why not? If not, what another measures would you adduce to advice accumulate the breezy arrangement intact?
  4. Shortages of bloom affliction cadre in the abiding affliction industry affectation analytical approaching challenges to the bloom    affliction system. Review affidavit for these shortages. Suggest government and institutional action changes that          ability advice allure added workers to this industry.

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