Homework Assignment

For this final unit, you will adapt a four- to five-page paper, excluding the appellation and advertence pages, analytical U.S. aegis strategies and adopted activity as it relates to the country of your best (excluding the United States). This cardboard should be accounting as if you are the U.S. Secretary of State and advancing a abode on the country to actuate U.S. activity and action. You will charge to altercate the appulse of globalization and how it affects your ambition country, its partners, and its enemies. You should additionally abode the following: The accord amid adopted activity decisions and aegis operations; How abeyant activity decisions ability appulse all-embracing politics; Your recommendations, as U.S. Secretary of State, for approaching interactions, policy, and aegis Feel chargeless to absorb alternative political science concepts and account from alternative units in the course. Your cardboard may advance any ability acclimated in the course. You may additionally advertence account accessories if you desire. All references charge be appropriately cited and referenced with absolute quotes comprising

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