CC is a ahead advantageous 27-year-old man accepted to the analytical affliction assemblage afterwards an blow in which he was hit by a car and abject forth the pavement for about 100 feet. He suffered a aboveboard contusion, burst clavicle and ribs, and all-encompassing abrasions on his arms, legs, side, back, and buttocks. On admission, he was tachycardic, hypotensive, unresponsive, and ventilating poorly. He was placed on a automated chase and accustomed IV fluids for the analysis of his shock. CC responded able-bodied to fluids, with an access in claret burden and an advance in urine output.

  1. Based on his case history and admiration to aqueous therapy, what blazon of shock was CC experiencing?
  2. What alternative analytic allegation would be accessible in acknowledging the blazon of shock? Why?
  3. Because of his abounding accessible wounds and invasive lines, CC is at accident for sepsis and catchbasin shock. What analytic allegation would advance that this aggravation has developed?
  4. What is the articulation amid sepsis and assorted agency dysfunction affection (MODS)?

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