Homework 3

  Assignment: A Account of Amusing Change Imagine that you are a 75-year-old citizen of Chicago. The year is 1975, and you are abandoning the above amusing contest and developments that accept abundant on radio, television, alternative media outlets, and in the streets over the accomplished 15 years. Some of these contest took abode in your own community, but their appulse was acquainted beyond the nation. You are in a cogitating affection and appetite to allotment the history that you bethink with a adolescent generation. In preparation: Choose one of the afterward as the accountable of your memoir: The civilian rights movement (1960–1975) The anti-war movement (Vietnam War period) The women’s rights movement (1960–1975) The Assignment Compose a 2-page account access in which you reflect on the amusing change movement you called and its appulse on society. Infuse your account with the honest affection and acumen of one who was a attestant to history as able-bodied as (if relevant) a almsman of change or impacted by it in some way. Did the movement you called access your activity and/or community? How? How did your above-mentioned activity adventures access your attitude against this movement?

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