Create  a book that assumes a actual baby accessible or nonprofit organization/agency  with bristles agents associates and $300,000 as the account amount. You  need to complete the afterward items for this assignment:State  the blazon of bureau and its purpose. Create  a band account account for the agency. In  this budget, there charge be items and costs for the accepted year and the abutting  year. Create  the band account account in Microsoft Excel.Create  a certificate (please feel chargeless to use a blueprint to allegorize your work) anecdotic  a minimum of six account types to accommodate the following: aught base, achievement Description  of anniversary blazon of budget. Identify  which akin of government uses the account (federal, state, and/or city).Please  cite and advertence your assignment accordingly. Created a band account account of $300,000 in Microsoft Excel including items and costs for the accepted and abutting year of a accessible or nonprofit bureau with 5 agents members. 10 Described 6 account types including identification of government akin user. 10 Included a minimum of 4 sources including the  textbook. 10 Provided 3 to 4 pages of agreeable (not including titles, questions, etc. as allotment of the agreeable requirement). 10 Used actual spelling, grammar, and able  vocabulary. Formatted the cardboard and cited at atomic four sources application actual  APA style. 10

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