The CEO of your aggregation is a huge fan of MBO and has allowable that every administration appear up with one Objective and Goal for their group. Relate your Objective and Goal for the aegis alignment and how will you achieve it. 2. Select one of the key elements of a structured, cradle to grave abstraction of aegis architecture and analyze how you would assignment through it. Writing Criteria: Respond to anniversary catechism application what you accept abstruse during the week’s reading, analysis and your claimed acquaintance and appraisal as well. Each apprentice charge additionally acknowledge to a minimum of two adolescent students’ postings (15 credibility anniversary will be deducted for anniversary accessory column that is not submitted).  Students charge abide their responses in the adapted Forum for the anniversary application the threaded architecture for all postings. Postings charge be in acceptable aftertaste (remember your Netiquette) and to the point. Constructive criticism and honest appraisal of anniversary others account is encouraged.  The Rubric acquaint in the Resources area of the classroom will be activated to brand these assignments. Discussion Catechism responses charge be substantive. There are two elements of substance: one is agreeable and the alternative is breadth of response. Content is obvious, you charge absolutely awning the issue. Primary responses (each question, some weeks there are added than one question) charge be 500 words at a minimum

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