End of Life 1. Back is a accommodating adapted for Hospice Care? 2. What is the role of the DNR form? 3. What collaborative problems abide amid assistant (healthcare team) and ancestors back they are present during the client’s dying process? 4. Describe accommodating advancement for a accommodating at the end of their life. What issues ability you abode on account of your applicant who may be dying? 5. What ameliorative communications ability be adapted for the assistant to authenticate in carrying affliction to a accommodating and his/her ancestors at the end of life? 1.  Apply the nursing action to accommodate affliction to a dying patient. 2. Assess the dying patient, including advice acquired through exact and non-verbal advice with the accommodating and family 3. Determine (plan) the nursing affliction for the accommodating based on appraisal findings 4. Identify/demonstrate able ameliorative advice and abutment for the accommodating and ancestors and accommodate abutment during the final appearance of death. 5. Identify the ethical dilemmas that may be present during the dying process. Issues with beforehand directives; issues with ancestors members, issues with accommodating care, i.e. affliction management 6. Identify all associates of the healthcare aggregation that alluringly would participate in end of activity care.

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