Homeland Security: Policy and Practice Spring 2019

  MID-TERM Exam V450/550/H455 Citizenry Security: Action and Practice Spring 2019 This Mid-Term Assay is an accessible note, accessible book, take-home examination. The acumen for this access is three-fold: Provides adapted time to anxiously assay and assay the assay questions from lecture, assigned readings, accepted contest and your own notes; Allows for accurate application and afterlight of your accounting work; and Creates a reality-based access to accounting work. Under no affairs will you anytime abode a abode as allotment of your approaching application in a dejected book in 45 minutes. ACTION The assay constitutes 25% of your brand for this course. You are accepted and adapted to do your own work. Exams are due via Canvas on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Absolutely no exceptions. Late acquiescence is agnate to missing an in-class assay day. Please select THREE (3) of the afterward questions to appraise for the exam. Please abode in a cogent and bright article format, application able transitions amid paragraphs and themes. Accounting answers should not beat two pages per question, Font: 12pt, single-spaced, 1 inch margins, excluding footnotes/endnotes. The absorbed of this best is to acquiesce you to baddest choices that you feel authenticate your adequacy and compassionate of that accurate topic. Play to your arch compassionate and accept the best adapted questions based on your interest, apperception and adeptness to respond. The apprehension will be that you leave no concept, acknowledgment or abstraction alien in your analysis. If you use a advance term, you charge to authenticate your ability of that concept. All sources charge be cited with footnotes/endnotes from aboriginal sources. If commendation lecture, you charge point aback to the aboriginal antecedent of the data. GRADING: Exam questions will be graded adjoin the explanation provided in the abridgement appendix. Before you abide your exam, assay your assignment adjoin the explanation for clarity, logic, grammar, rationale, and completeness. QUESTIONS: We accept explored the abstraction that citizenry aegis action is absolutely about two concepts—the US Department of Citizenry Security, and the broader “Homeland Aegis Enterprise” that includes state, federal, local, and clandestine area ally amid others. Within those two concepts are a array of statements about what the citizenry aegis mission is. In abounding ways, both the access of time, and the accurate akin of government (state, federal, local) practicing “homeland security” accept afflicted concepts and balked a accepted compassionate of the appellation “homeland security.” For this question, appraise the following: Using the advance material, advance your own abstraction of what citizenry aegis is? Write your own definition, that summarizes your appearance of what citizenry aegis is, based on the readings, application citation. Explain your analogue of citizenry security, application no beneath than bristles concepts of citizenry aegis (e.g. bookish sources, government doctrine, and argument book readings) to explain your reasoning. Those may await aloft Bellavita, but not exclusively. Regardless of choice, accommodate assay of that choice. The Emergency Administration Aeon has been acclimated as a archetypal to advice citizenry aegis practitioners appraise and administer threats. As Emergency Administration (EM) as a conduct pre-dates the conception of Citizenry Aegis by about 40 years, EM provides a assertive trailblazing access to how to administer assorted agencies during a crisis. For this question, appraise the following:  a. Create a academic disaster. Define and appraise anniversary footfall of the EM aeon adjoin the academic disaster, emergency and/or catastrophe, cartoon aloft the abeyant account of hazards discussed in the readings                        b. Marion et. al. advance that the EM mission may accept been adulterated back actuality added to “homeland security.” Should FEMA be reorganized to assure that the EM archetypal has not been advance too far from its antecedent mission, and can abide to abode all-hazards? Or is the archetypal advantageous for alternative disciplines. Explain. One of the challenges in analogous all citizenry aegis administration activities is managing our civic ability and laws, including the accord amid the people, and their governments. This claiming is abiding in our Constitutional federalism—one bodies with two sovereigns (the state, and the federal governments respectively). During the course, we accept discussed classical notions and sources of federalism and how they appulse 21st aeon Citizenry Aegis policymaking. For this question, appraise the following: How does federalism affect citizenry aegis and emergency management?  i.  Identify four examples (from any anniversary appropriately far), and explain how the abstraction of federalism impacts how governments acknowledge to adversity or terrorism.  ii.  Provide an assay of the allowances and detriments of the federalism accord for accepting the citizenry for anniversary archetype you choose. Rephrasing the acclaimed adduce from Justice Potter Stewart, do we “know agitation back we see it?” Over the advance of the semester, we accept evaluated several concepts of what agitation is and could be. One challenge, according to Schmid, seems to be that there is no accord analogue in the literature. Moreover, federal law varies on what agitation is. For this question, appraise the following: Evaluate four of those ideas from the readings, including the challenges anniversary of them affectation for how to either adverse their letters or tactics, or how to arrest individuals who convenance terrorism. Use advance abstracts and case studies to avert your choices, above.(Note, this catechism is not advised to be bound to the Schmid reading--please appraise a from a array of authors' perspectives.) The change of agitation has mirrored the change of amusing media as a apparatus to advance information. According to Schmid, this is “terrorism as propaganda.” In a pre-9/11 world, terrorists acclimated to accept to accelerate bodies to radicalize individuals face-to-face. Now, amusing media provides absolute agency to radicalize bodies in their own homes. Recent works, like the NCTC indicators, seem to reaffirm the charge to abbreviate the appulse of radicalization on “homegrown terrorists.” Application advance abstracts and case studies, acknowledgment the following: What is a acquaintance agitated extremist? How is a homegrown violent extremist possibly radicalized? What limitations are placed on the government to baffle propaganda? Lastly, accommodate a advocacy on how the government should adverse agitation advertising through amusing networks and amusing media, based on your own compassionate of amusing media and commendation sources  (e.g NCTC) from the advance material. Accommodate justifications for your recommendation.

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