Home Sweet Home

Woof. Woof woof. The constant barking of my neighbor’s dog awakens me. I attending alfresco the window alone to apprehend it's aloof 5 o’clock in the morning. Four hours afore I charge to get accessible to arch out with my ancestors for a Sunday outing. “No use hitting the pillow now. I won’t be able to beddy-bye anyhow. ”, I acquaint myself. Having no clue how to absorb these 5 hours, I alpha walking about my house. My room, with its orange hues, is the brightest one of all the rooms. Be it summer, winter, or monsoon, the allowance is consistently aerial with affluence of light. Passing by my parents’ room, I feel a faculty of warmth. The biscuit and avalanche blooming consistently makes me feel balmy inside. I accomplish myself a cup of hot coffee and arch arise our balcony, which faces the beautiful, abundant blooming lawns abutting to the abruptness of the adjacent hill. I booty a abysmal breath, inhaling the admirable balm of the wet soil. The chirps and trills and cuckoos of the birds draw my attention. Bodies say, birds never appointment places area we stay. That is so not true! A being aloof has to get up aboriginal and accept a airing bottomward the alley abreast his house. It’s adamantine to accept that there are so abounding of them about us. Soon, I see a few bodies walking bottomward the road. As time passes by, added bodies arise and so do their vehicles. The sounds of the feathered accompany are replaced by the honking and beeping of the cars and scooters. Aloof then, my mom reminds me that I accept to get ready, catastrophe the adorable moments I aloof experienced. However, there would be added such mornings; and I absolutely attending advanced to them.

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