Holder In The Catcher in the Rye By J. D. Salinger

He is ashore on the arch amid actuality an developed and a adolescent and does not apperceive actuality he wants to go. He doesn't apperceive what he wants to do or be in the future. Throughout the book, Holder makes abounding references to the ducks that he saw a few times in Central Park. He says, "The ducks. Do you know, by any chance? I beggarly does somebody appear about in a barter or article and booty them away, or do they fly abroad by themselves- go south or something? "(Slinger 91 This could be a attribute for Holder and his life. Holder is apprehensive area the ducks will go, actual abundant like he is apprehensive area he himself will go. Holder wonders if he will accept to get up and go boilerplate on his own, or if addition will appear forth and advice him out afore things get too difficult. Holder is cerebration about area the ducks will go back it gets algid and adamantine for them to survive. He is additionally cerebration about area he will go back activity gets alike added difficult and harder for him to survive on his own. Holder is additionally afraid for the approaching of children. He has accomplished immediate what it is like to be acutely fatigued and affected to abound up quickly. He does not like growing up and he aloof wants to be a adolescent forever. Holder wants to save accouchement from falling into the apple of adulthood. He says, "Navy, I accumulate picturing all these little kids arena some bold in this big acreage of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody's about - cipher big, beggarly - except me. And I'm continuing on the bend of some crazy cliff. What I accept to do, I accept to bolt everybody if they alpha to go over the bluff - I beggarly if they're active and they don't attending area they're activity I accept to appear out from about and bolt them. That's all I do all day. I'd aloof be the catcher in the rye and all. Apperceive it's crazy, but that's the alone affair I'd absolutely like to be. This shows that Holder absolutely is caring for the accouchement in the apple and he wants to advice them accumulate their chastity in any way that he can. Throughout the Story, Holder mentions his little brother Allele. Allele anesthetized abroad back they were little of cancer. Holder feels accusable and agitated over Allies afterlife and absolutely misses him. Allele was one of the few bodies who Holder absolutely admired and cared about. Allele had an old baseball acclaim with balladry accounting all over it that he would apprehend while continuing in the field. While talking about Allies old baseball acclaim that Holder kept, he says "You'd accept admired him. He was two years adolescent than I was, but he was about fifty times as intelligent. He was absolutely intelligent. His agents were consistently autograph belletrist to my mother, cogent her what a amusement it was accepting a boy like Allele in their class. And they weren't aloof cutting the crap. They absolutely meant it. But it wasn't aloof that he was the best able affiliate in the family. He was additionally the nicest, in lots of ways. He never got mad at anybody. God, he was a nice kid, though. He acclimated to beam so adamantine at article he anticipation of at the banquet table that he aloof about fell off his chair.

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