Holden Caulfield Diagnostic

Holden Caulfield Medical Diagnosis Holden Caulfield Medical Diagnosis Dear Mister and Misses Caulfield, my name is Dr: Connor Grist and I acquire been mister Holden Caulfield’s analyst over the accomplished brace weeks. Asking him about his activity adventure and what he has gone through. Through his account of his activity story, I was able to bare 3 key behavioral characteristics that I acquire he suffers from. Through my research, I acquire that he suffers he uses profanity abstemious cant and calumniating accent often. He is additionally depressed, sad and abashed through his activity adventure that he has told me. Finally he is additionally aloof cloistral and abandoned because of his disability to discount flaws in people. This advice has let me to analyze him with Depression-Anxiety. For the time era in which Holden grew up (1970s) he has a actual profanity abstemious vocabulary, which is best acceptable because of his all-overs and depression. Throughout the book he could acquire absolutely possibly said the byword “God Dam” added than 100 times. Although this would be added accustomed today, a bearing or two ago this would acquire been actual frowned aloft for a jailbait to allocution like that. Holden is additionally hypocritical in a way with his swearing because abreast the end of the book he begins to try and abolish all of the profanity on the bank and while he thinks that he is ridding the apple of evil, he generally is the antecedent of some of the angry with his swearing. Throughout the book, you can generally apprehension and faculty that Holden is absolutely depressed and sad all of the time. This is because abreast the end of the book, he is aggravating the comedy the role of the “Catcher” but he anon realizes that he can never rid the apple of all the angry that he doesn’t appetite Phobe to see. He tells Phoebe that he wants to anticipate accouchement from growing up. He blames the world’s bribery on adults and believes that back he stops the accouchement from growing up he will bottle their chastity and save the world. Finally, he realizes that not abandoned is there annihilation that he can do, but there is boilerplate he can go to adumbrate from it. Ironically enough, it is one of the “innocent” accouchement that he is aggravating to assure who helps him appear to agreement with this realization. It is Phoebe who challenges his plan to escape out west. As he is cogent Phoebe that she cannot run away, he discovers that he too cannot run away. “ You can’t anytime acquisition a abode that is nice and peaceful, because there isn’t any. ” The final breakdown comes abreast the end of the book back he is watching Phoebe on the carousel. As all the kids on the carousel try to grab the aureate rings, Holden hits the final breakdown. Actuality the “ catcher “ becomes acutely unrealistic. Finally Holden is usually aloof and abandoned because of his disability to acquire bodies for who they are and consistently aces out their flaws. As you apprehend and apprehend through the book, you will get the faculty the Holden has never absolutely had a accurate friend. He is usually nice to best bodies but absolutely he thinks that they are phonies. An archetype of this would be on folio 77 area Holden Says, “ She was a funny girl, old Jane. I wouldn’t absolutely call her as carefully beautiful. She agape me out though. She was array of muckle-mouthed. Back she was talking, her aperture array of went in about 50 altered admonition her aperture and all “. This adduce shows that alike the bodies Holden brand a lot, such as Jane Gallagher he still has to be judgmental and acquisition the flaws in them. This ultimately leads to Holden actuality always abandoned in the book. In Conclusion, Holden Caulfield has been diagnosed with a anxiety-depression ataxia because of his profanity abstemious vocabulary, his depressed sad and abashed state, and his disability to acquire bodies for who they are after actuality judgmental and acrimonious out their flaws. A analysis advocacy for this would be to abide analysis sessions and anti-depressant medication.

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