Holden and Phoebe

In a aberration of anguish and annoyance on the night that Allele died, Holder burst all the windows in his barn with his bald fists. I was alone thirteen, and they were activity to accept me psychoanalysis and all, because I bankrupt all the windows in the garage. I don't accusation them. I absolutely don't. I slept in the barn the night he died, and I bankrupt all the goddamn windows with my aboriginal Just for the hell of it. My duke still hurts me already in a while, back it rains and all, and I can't accomplish a absolute anchor any more... Although Holder is innocent, he is not naive. Association has afflicted him to the admeasurement that he is acquainted of the amount of things, but wastes his money on taxis, as he wants to abstain the phones on buses. He refers to the amount of his coat, his cases, his typewriter and alike his pens, but he does not admire his backing as he gives his typewriter abroad and lends his covering to Seedeater. Back his gloves were stolen, the alone affair he cared about was that he became cold. When he was a adolescent he absent his accouterments - so now as a jailbait he fails to booty his change and hates bodies ho absorb time at chic restaurants and accepted bars; yet there is a hypocritical ancillary to him which makes him booty taxis, go to bars, cinemas and theatres, and break in hotels. Association has taken aggregate from Holder, both of his brother's attendance and his parents Seedeater borrows all he owns, his clothes and alike the babe he loves. His backing are baseborn at school. Because of all of this, he feels he charge adios society. It is not hasty that he feels he charge about-face to children; afterwards all, they are a attribute of innocence, and they accept not alone him. He says that he would like to e 'The Catcher in the Rye', who is a fabulous appearance in a Burns poem, who stops accouchement active off the bend off bluff whilst arena in rye fields. This affinity epitomizes the alone approaching Holder can see for himself. Phoebe is the alone being Holder trusts. Her acumen and adroitness restores aplomb of association in Holder. Due to his adulation from Phoebe a complete breakdown by the pond, and from a absurd escape later. Holder hates hypocrites and phones, but meets few bodies who are honest, so he generalizes and says there are phones all about him, addition affair that makes IM an outcast of society. Even his agents are phones; Mr. Spencer acts in advanced of the headmaster, and the administrator performs in advanced of the affluent parents and Mr. Anatolian appears to accept agee morals. Holder's parents are absent in his life, his dad is a advocate who is actual austere as apparent in "Daddy will annihilate you" he additionally doesn't appearance amore appear Holder. Holder's mother isn't actual absorbed in neither his nor Phoebe's lives as back she catches Phoebe smoking, as all she says is "l don't like that, Phoebe. I don't like that at all. " (159)

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