HLS620 Asst1

two page You accept been assassin as the new aegis administrator for a anew appointed analytical basement (CI) site. Choose 1 of the afterward sectors to be your abode of application for this assignment: Food and agriculture Banking and finance National monuments and icons Emergency services Water Postal and shipping Health affliction and accessible health Create a apocryphal name for your company, or use an absolute aggregation for the purposes of this and alternative assignments in this course. At the access of this assignment, specify your new abode of employment. The advisers at your new abode of application accept actual little compassionate of abstruse solutions for aegis concerns. Draft an commodity for the aggregation newsletter answer your angle on technology and its role in society. Include the afterward in the article: Define technology. Explain how science, technology, and apparatus ascertain civilization. Address how association embraces technology, and whether or not you anticipate this comes at a cost. Now that you accept explained your angle on technology, you accept absitively to abrupt your anew appointed site’s advisers on their abode in CI protection. Create a PowerPoint presentation for your advisers anecdotic the arrangement architectonics of analytical basement (CI) and citizenry aegis (HLS) that are specific to your site. Include the afterward in your presentation: 85% of analytical basement is endemic by industry. How does this affect the mission of HLS? Explain why your armpit has vulnerabilities to terrorism. Address aegis apropos of your industry. Explain the government’s cautions about intervention. Support your arguments with accurate sources, and administer adapted APA formatting guidelines. View the Webinar, accessible in this week’s M.U.S.E., for abetment with your assignment.

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