HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

 HIV[1] is the virus that causes AIDS[2], an catching that is killing alive adults in their prime years with no cure in sight.  In fact, AIDS has become the additional arch analgesic of adults in the United States today. The Center for Ache Control and Prevention <> states that about fifty percent of bodies adulterated with AIDS today are amid the ages of 25 and 44 and are currently employed. In Per Austin/Travis County Bloom and Animal Service Department, there were 4,239 accurate cases of HIV/AIDS in 2005, and abounding were in the workforce. AIDS is across-the-board beyond the nation and demography aptitude from the nations assignment basin at an alarming rate.  Abounding advisers and administration are blind of the accretion numbers of their aeon that are bedeviled by this ache because of the abridgement of apprenticeship in the workplace.  The furnishings of bereft apprenticeship are and will be cher for all administration in the approaching years. The stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS yields bigotry in the assignment environment.  Idle account and exclusion are the best accustomed forms of bigotry and generally leave those that are adulterated activity abandoned from their aeon (Dunlap, Mary C, 35). Other forms of bigotry include, firing, bottomless transfers, and absent promotions.  Advisers that are accountable to these discriminations based on their affliction can ache from a countless of problems including, low cocky esteem, hopelessness, and shame. The abridgement of apprenticeship in the abode encourages advisers and administration to abide discrimination.  Because bodies accompany their bent and prejudices into the workplace, it has become the job and albatross of the employer’s animal assets aggregation to brainwash its advisers on the affair of HIV and AIDS. Media advertising additionally feeds the barbarian of bigotry by stereotyping bodies who are adulterated by HIV/AIDS and by accouterment apocryphal advice about how the ache is transmitted from being to person. Although advice in the aftermost two decades has appear a continued way to brainwash the public, the citizenry is still impaired to abounding facts about the virus and how it affects them in their circadian lives back they appear in acquaintance with a being who is infected. The media in the aftermost two decades is redeeming itself by accouterment accurate advice about this disease.  There are abounding forms of abstracts from pamphlets, websites, bi-weekly articles, and accessible announcements that are now accessible to business to brainwash on the epidemic. These abstracts annihilate the belief that HIV/AIDS can be apprenticed through bubbler fountains, toilet seats, and afraid hands.  Those advisers that do not accept admission to this blazon of information, however, still accept the belief and are still abominable adjoin adulterated peers. Discrimination adjoin advisers that are adulterated amount administration money due to assignment disruption, low productivity, and abeyant acknowledged problems.  “Employers charge to admit that there are talented, motivated bodies active with HIV/AIDS who can accompany admired ability to the workplace-and that accepted admired advisers may arrangement HIV/AIDS.”(Franzoi, 5) By not acquainted this, administration are ambience themselves up for a potentially huge loss.  Administration charge to accede the big account and what this adverse affliction and the bigotry that comes forth with it can beggarly for their business; because appropriately far, lawsuits arising from HIV/AIDS is added than any alternative ache in the history of the nation. They charge to accede allowance and bloom affliction cost, job accommodations, affliction requirements, and confidentially and aloofness laws to name a few.   These furnishings could amount administration money in the continued run. There are abounding laws that now assure advisers who are adulterated with HIV and AIDS, but little is accepted about these laws and how they affect the alive association of those who are infected. The Americans with Disabilities Act “…prohibits application bigotry on the base of disability.” <>  The Family Medical Leave Act allows for protected, contributed leave from application for bodies with austere illnesses, including HIV/AIDS for up to twelve weeks in a twelve ages period; and the Bloom Allowance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects adjoin abominable treatments. Despite the accretion cardinal of laws set up for bodies who are infected, apprenticeship is still bare to abate acknowledged problems and administration errors. “73% of alive Americans surveyed feel that their administration should action a academic abode AIDS apprenticeship initiative.” (Employee) Also, “75% of American adults appearance their employer as the best reliable antecedent for unbiased, accurate HIV education.” (Brown, 2). The admiration for apprenticeship has been accurate by the alive public, so why do administration abide to accomplish behavior about HIV and AIDS in the abode but not booty the action to advance a academic training program? The Teacher Retirement Systems of Texas has a action in abode allowable by the accompaniment of Texas alleged Animal Immunodeficiency Virus Services Act (1989). The action brings acquaintance that bigotry adjoin bodies adulterated with HIV and AIDS will not be tolerated, and the laws that assure them.  This action is appear at the time of hire, but is not reviewed; and a accumulation email is beatific annual to accepted employees. When it comes to academic action best bodies do not booty the time to analysis the advice on their own; therefore, advisers are still apprenticed to the facts surrounding HIV and AIDS in the workplace.

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