HIT Governance/ MHA6120 WEEK 5 PROJECT

Week 5 Activity  Assignment                      Due May 31 at 11:59 PM       Supporting Lectures:  Review the afterward lecture: HIT Babyminding and Decision Rights The activity appointment provides a appointment for allegory and evaluating accordant capacity of this anniversary on the base of the advance competencies covered. HIT Babyminding and Decision Rights Introduction: The complexities in healthcare analytic and business processes drives confusing innovations in HIT. Sense authoritative of healthcare leaders and managers may not be as acute compared to those who are abreast and committed to the science, art, and drivers of HIT innovations. To accomplish analytical measures of amount and authoritative efficiency, HIT governance, according to Glandon, Smaltz, & Slovensky (2013), allows for appropriate and authentic business decisions. Tasks: Review the accepted abstract in HIT cardinal planning and HIT governance. Compare and adverse HIT cardinal planning and HIT governance. Identify processes/framework complex in HIT cardinal planning and HIT governance. Identify and analyze abstract framework in HIT cardinal planning and HIT governance. Evaluate the accent of HIT cardinal planning and HIT babyminding in HIT accretion and/or upgrade. To abutment your work, use your advance and argument readings and additionally use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, adduce your sources in your appointment and accommodate references for the citations in APA format. Submission Details: Name your book as SU_MHA6120_W5_Project_LastName_FirstName. Your appointment should be addressed in a 4- to 6-page document. By the due date assigned, abide it to the Submissions Area. The afterward assets are provided for this project: From your advance textbook, Information Systems for Healthcare Management, analysis the afterward chapter: HIT Babyminding and Decision Rights From the Internet, analysis the following: Jahn, M. (2016). Nine best practices in healthcare IT governance. Retrieved from http://www.managedhealthcareexecutive.com/business-strategy/nine-best-practices-healthcare-it-governance Lindros, K. (2017). What is IT governance? A academic way to adjust IT & business strategy. Retrieved from https://www.cio.com/article/2438931/governance/governanceit-governance-definition-and-solutions.html Pyrone, T., Smith, H., & Van den Broek, N. (2017).Frameworks to appraise bloom arrangement governance: A analytical review. Bloom Policy and Planning, 32(5), 710–722. Retrieved from https://academic.oup.com/heapol/article/32/5/710/3061529 Wiedower, J. (2016). Information technology governance: Vital to healthcare systems. Retrieved from https://digitalcommons.ohsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=16902&context=etd

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