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THIS WEEK: SOMETHING DIFFERENT Amuse locate an angel (artwork, political cartoon, etc.) from the era amid 1848 and 1871 to accommodate with your reply. In alternative words, acquisition beheld representation of the affair in your acknowledgment or an angel from the era that represents bellicism accompanying to your answer. Let's aroma up our text-based answers a bit.  You should be able to add an adapter in your reply. If you can't do that, try to add a articulation to an image. (Please column safe links, no absolute or contrarily off affair images or links allowed!) Provide a abbreviate explanation of the angel so we apperceive how it applies. The explanation does not accept to be absorbed to the image, but it can be if you appetite to do it that way. Feel chargeless to be creative, or not. :-) If you are clumsy to do this allocation of the appointment for abstruse reasons, amuse let me apperceive over email.  QUESTIONS: 1) From Carl Shurz "Reminiscences" Carl Shurz was a adolescent German aflame by the advocate spirit of 1848. Describe his desires for Germany, and analyze his expressions of nationalism. What did he participate in to advance German nationalism? 2) From Giuseppe Mazzini, "Europe: Its Condition and Prospects" What is the aberration amid the “princely allegiance of aristocracies or aristocratic races” and “the allegiance of the peoples,” according to Mazzini? How is his abstraction of "the social"related to nationalization?  3)From Sándor Petőfi (1823-1849)The National Song of Hungary, 1848. The third arrangement of the song says: “A afflicted wretch is he / Who fears to die, my acreage for thee! / His abandoned activity who thinks to be / Worth added than thou, candied liberty!” How would you adapt these words? Is there a affiliation amid this and Robespierre’s article “On the Principles of Government” from 1793? Click ADD A NEW DISCUSSION to begin.

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