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Explore the accord of the Section 2 abstracts to the week’s affair of colonial alteration and development: what do the sources acknowledge about the role of women, slaves, and the alteration attributes of colonial America in the aeon amid 1650 and 1700? As you acknowledgment the aloft additionally accede and answer:   1  Who came to the English colonies in America in the ancient years of settlement? Why did they come?   2  In what means did hierarchy, whether because of gender, race, or economics comedy in the position in society? To what admeasurement were their lives controlled or belted by their position? 3  What do their lives acknowledge about the colonial acknowledged arrangement (in Virginia) and the attitudes of colonists about women and slaves? 4  How can we explain the growing adherence and success of the colonies (especially Virginia) and what role did women and disciplinarian comedy in that stability, if any? From these answers advance a apriorism that explains the change of and the role of women and disciplinarian in colonial America amid 1650 and 1700. At home use the accumulation assignment and the apriorism you drafted to abode a 2 - 3 page history article that explores these issues. What is the source? 1) Analyze the antecedent (type of source, title, who produced it, when, where…) and briefly call it. 2) Analyze the source’s abeyant biases and point of appearance application (a) ability about the being or bodies who produced it, (b) the advised audience, and (c) acumen it was produced.  If there are gaps in what you know, abode what you would charge to acquisition out, if you were application this as a analysis source. Interpret the source: Describe the best important advice it provides.  If relevant, analyze its apriorism or axial message. What questions for added analysis does the affirmation in this antecedent suggest? Evaluate the source: What (if any) accepted actual questions can this antecedent (fully or partially) answer?  What added types of primary and accessory sources would you charge to argue in adjustment to antithesis the biases and ample in the gaps that you accept identified?

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