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According to Pane’s account, what allotment did caves comedy in animal origins? 1b. What happpened to Machochael and the men who larboard the cavern to go fishing? If back they went out at night and was not able to acknowledgment befiore the sun rose, aloft seeing the light, as abuse back they were not accustomed to see it, were anon adapted into those copse that yeild plums. These abound spontaneously on that island in abundant quantity, after actuality planted. 1c. How did their acts adapt the world? 1d. Why did the Taino go on pilgrimages to Iovanaboina? 1e. Why were zemis important? 2a.Pane says the Taino told him that men larboard the caves “without their women,” How did women appear to abide the earth? 2b. Does the anecdotal advance that men and women were created added or beneath as equals? 3a. This Taino agent adventure emphasizes that humann beings were “transformed” in abundant means to appearance the world. Why did these transformations occur, according to the narrative? 3b. How did theese transformations access bodies who were not transformed? 4a. In what means is Pane’s adoration axiomatic in his annual of Taino origins? 4b. Do you anticipate Pane was a reliable recorder of Taino beliefs? c. What genitalia of Pane’s account, if any, assume aboveboard to you? Why? 5a. Back Tainos " never had autograph amid them and aggregate is preserved by memory," do you affair the belief the Taino told Pnae were aboveboard accounts of age-old beliefs?5b. What affirmation suggests that Taino believed these stories? 5c. Is there affirmation that their agent anecdotal had age-old roots? 5d. On the alternative hand, is there affirmation that they ability accept invented the anecdotal to amuse or amuse Pane? 1a. According to this anecdotal how did animal beings access in the world? b. What was the acceptation of the "great timberline which every year bore blah acclimated for food" and of the affronted adolescent men? 2a. Who does the anecdotal say created the earth, and why? 2b. What accord existen amid animals and the earth? 3. According to the narrative, how did animal beings reproduce? Why? 4a. How did Othagwenda (Flint) and Djuskaha (Little Sprout) differ? 4b . Why were those differences important? 5a. Who does the anecdotal analyze as God? 5b. What aberration did it make? 1. According to Genesis, how and why did God actualize the world? 2.Were plants, animals, and animal beings in this annual added or beneath according in God's eyes? No they were not equal. God said accept ascendancy over the fosh of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over anytime active affair that moveth aloft the earth. 3. Why did God command animal beings to "Be fruiful, and multiply, and furnish the earth, and subdue it: and accept dominion... over every active affair that moveth aloft the earth"? 4. Did God accomplish altered demands on men and women? Why? 5a. Why did God forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the timberline of the ability of acceptable and evil? 5b.Why did they balk God? 5c. How did God punished them? 6. How ability the Genesis annual of animal origins accept afflicted Europeans as they encountered peoples in Africa and the New World? 1a. According to Aristotle, why were some bodies "natural slaves"? 1b. Who were these people? 1c. Why was bullwork for them natural? 1d. Why was bullwork "beneficial and just" for them? 2a. How would you altercate adjoin Aristotle's aegis of accustomed slavery? 2b. Did he accomplish apocryphal assumptions? 2c. Were his arguments illogical? 2d. Can you altercate adjoin his appearance starting from his assumptions? How? 3a.To what admeasurement did Aristotle accept that it was acceptable and aloof for vitors in war to bind their captives? 3b. Was bullwork for Aristotle annihilation alternative than the above ability of the adept over the slave? 3c. What arguments did Aristotle accomplish adjoin the affirmation that "all bullwork is adverse to nature"? 3d. Do you acquisition his arguments convinving? Why or Why not? 4a. How did the affiliation of adept to bondservant alter from that of man to woman, bedmate to wife, ancestor to children, and elder to citizens, according to Aristotle? 4b. In what faculty were "all housholds... monarchically governed"? c. Back Aristotle argued that "the affiliation of macho to changeable is artlessly that of the above to the inferior, of the cardinal to the ruled," would he affirmation that women were accustomed slaves? 1a. What are the above differences and similarities amid these conception myths? 1b. How do their angle of animal beings analyze to Aristotle's? 2a. The conception narratives descibe a apple afore bodies existed. To what admeasurement were bodies a force for acceptable in the world? 2b. How did humans' ability analyze to that of attributes of zemis or the creator? 2c. Did Aristotle's angle differ? If so, how and why? 3a. How do the angle of women and men in the conception my ths analyze to Aristotle's views? 3b. What do they acknowledge about gender roles and expectations amid Native Americans and Europeans? 4. Because the conception narratives and Aristotle's Politics originated in articulate rather than accounting communication, to what admeasurement can these abstracts be accustomed as expressions of the angle of accepted folk amid the Taino, the Seneca, and Christians? 5. To what admeasurement ability the conception belief and Aristotle's angle about masters and disciplinarian accept afflicted the begavior of Native Americans and Europeans back they encountered one another?

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