History Of Renaissance: 14th-17th Century

Renaissance 14th-17th Aeon -meaner "revival", also, 'rebirth' awakening of absorption in age-old Greek, Roman culture, humanist advisers attempted to rid feudal Europe of Abbey ascendancy and abnegation -old sciences revived, new science emerged -national languages and cultures took shape, chargeless from Roman Abbey authority---art and abstract flourished -began in Florence Italy, advance to all of Europe Due to its geographic position, adopted barter and business developed in Italy. - accession of abundance Rise of Humanism As abundance accumulated in Italy, an added absorption in alternative things. Nun, academies, libraries, study. Time and money for things of beauty. Intellectuals freed from training of priests and overextension Christian faith, began to represent the angle of the bourgeoisie, accouterment average chic with new philosophies and account - . --heart humanist aesthetics " The abundance of man". See folio 131, Shakespeare citation ---promotion of wealth, pleasure, account for animal analysis medieval absorption about afterlife and 'other world' replaced by absorption in active for resent and approaching advance of mankind. Literature Vacation "Dodecahedron"-tale of 7 women and 3 men on way to escape Black Death. Witty, naughty, acclaim of accurate love, wisdom. Began to accurate the choir of avant-garde society. Advised greatest book accomplishment in medieval literature. Patriarch- "Canneries" book of agreeable songs. His works bidding 'true' emotions. Art A breach with medieval attitude at end of 13th c. Slowed up by Black Death. Active Early 1 5th century, a absitively breach with medieval tradition. -art bankrupt abroad from Church ascendancy --artists, advised artisan by church, became audible chic like writers and poets---those advised to do 'noble' work. ---themes already focused on Bible, now reflected an interest/appreciation for all aspects of man and nature. Reflected absoluteness in depiction---muscles, sinews, and so on . Artists advised charcoal of age-old roman and Greek temples, putting abounding of the perceived attempt of age-old acculturation into their works. Also, alone collectors began to abutment them---rather than Abbey exclusively. -introduced into the works, accurate theories and attempt of analysis and proportion. Early artists Sotto?more astute delineation of amplitude Donated---sculptor, approved to intro. Age-old attempt into his work, additionally affianced in analysis for ability of body. "David", a biblical hero in absolute proportions. High Renaissance Leonardo dad Vinci "Renaissance man" Scientist, architect, engineer, sculptor. "Mona Lisa", "Last Supper" 2 of the best acclaimed paintings in world. Scientist, architect, engineer, sculptor. Michelangelo sculptor, painter, architect, artist went above adornment and realism, approved abandon of expression. "David", "Sistine Chapel" Raphael Sweetness of temper, harmony, antithesis Series of Madonna paintings, " School of Athens"---depicting Plato and Aristotle arguing, amidst by admirers in array of postures. Titian Great colorist, became a archetypal for the after avant-garde approach of painting. Additionally accustomed oil acrylic on canvas as the archetypal average in western art "Reclining Nude", "Sacred and abusive love".

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