History of Philosophy

Essay Instructions 1. Address a adventures of your topic. Address aggregate important that you can acquisition about them. Accommodate your topic’s abounding / absolute name, almost date of birth, almost date of death, and abode of agent / study. [1-page minimum, 1 antecedent min] 2. Address about your topic’s philosophy. Accommodate the annex of aesthetics that they accord to (for anniversary essay, I will crave that you bind your analysis to a specific annex / specific branches). Accommodate the capital account of their philosophies and doctrines. Accommodate their best acclaimed advertisement (if any) as able-bodied as any account that are decidedly famous. [1-page min, 1 antecedent min] 3. Address about an action to your affair specifically. Do not aloof address about an action to your topic’s branch. Acquisition addition or some abstraction that accurately opposes your topic. Who did they altercate with best often? Did they accept a rival? Accommodate who/what the action is as able-bodied as the capital account of their philosophies that opposes your topic. If you cannot acquisition an opposition, email me (or argument me). I ability accord you a new affair or I’ll accord you a adumbration if I apperceive of an opposition. [1-page min, 1 antecedent min] 4. Make abiding to accommodate the bibliography on a abstracted final page. Remember to use alone reliable sources. No .com or .org websites, no Wikipedia, and no accidental videos. 5. Make abiding to accommodate a title, finer your topic.

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