History of Media Effects

1. Consider the history of media furnishings presented in Chapter 3. Choose one actual media accident that has occurred in the country of your choice. How has your called actual media accident opened up a beyond address about a amusing issue? Did the affair actualize about-face or accretion of accessible assessment about the amusing affair represented in the media event? Support your acknowledgment with advertence from the text. With advertence to the case of Mas Selamat Kastari who was believed to be complex in the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) accumulation in acute agitation activities in Singapore such as abolition a even into Changi Airport . He was Singapore’s best capital avoiding for added than a year afterwards artifice from apprehension on 27 February 2008. Back then, it was the largest manhunt anytime agitated out in Singapore, along circadian bounded newspapers, TV account report, posters additionally approved to accession accessible acquaintance about Mas Selamat through again account coverage. Hence, with the aid of accumulation media, Mas Selamat was absolutely the hottest affair everywhere and eventually became the actual media accident that opened up a beyond address about agitation which was a amusing affair anytime back 1963. In the aboriginal 80s, the government had implemented a alternation of measures to adverse agitation in Singapore and afterwards 1991 Singapore has not acquaintance any agitation accordingly consistent in the citizens absolution bottomward their bouncer and eventually the affair on agitation was taken lightly. With advertence to calendar ambience approach which explains the able access accumulation media accept in cogent us what issues are important, the case of Mas Selamat involving the massive acceptance of accumulation media had auspiciously activate the abhorrence in the minds of the citizens and the affair on terrorism(security matters) became added important during that aeon of time. Many citizens wrote in to Straits Times claiming that the government adapted to be abhorrent for the escape of Mas Selamat and if agitation will to appear in Singapore. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew responded to the Straits Times: “Mas Selamat Kastari was 'an escape artist' who had evaded arrest abounding times, and Singapore's aegis admiral knew this, back you are conceited in administration a arch detainee, again you accept been negligent. He additionally added that,” abundance sets in back bodies accept not suffered any shock or setback for a continued time and Singaporeans are actuality conceited back they accept that the Government will booty affliction of all aegis matters. ” PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak referred abundance as a 'side-effect' of an ever acknowledged Government and civilian service. (“Straits Times”, 2008). From this actual media event, we can see the appulse of media in creating about-face of the accessible opinion. The public’s attitude appear agitation (security matters) afflicted from a abased on the government to a arrogant one afterwards the escape of Mas Selamat . Furthermore, according to the accessible opinions on Singapore appointment afterwards the abduction of Mas Selamat in 2009, although some were still debating on whether is the Government of Singapore accomplishing abundant to assure us from terrorism, but majority acerb believed that Singaporeans should not beguile ourselves into cerebration that our government is acceptable as our government can alone do so much-implementing adverse agitation measures, acquaintance posters and videos in alternation stations and accessible transports . Hence, the added accordant questions to ask ourselves - Are we Singaporeans accomplishing abundant to assure ourselves from terrorism? Are we advancing calm as one nation to do our civic account in acquirements and attention our country, activity and property? The citizens of Singapore should not aloof alone await on the government but additionally comedy our allotment in preventing the blackmail of terrorism.

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