History of Environmental Issues for an Area

In this assignment, you will baddest one arena of the apple with accepted ecology issues and actualize a timeline of the contest in this area, activity aback no added than 200 years. For example, you could accept to focus on the Gulf Coast in the United States and its history of hurricanes, floods, and the contempo oil spill; the Love Canal adversity in New York; the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine; or Canada’s tar-sands in Alberta. Anniversary of these areas has a history of ecology problems that accept impacted populations, and their health, drastically. To advice analyze a arena with accepted ecology contest for this assignment, argue your textbook, the WHO Accessible Bloom and Environment Program’s Web site, and the UNEP’s Web site. Please be abiding to abutment your accessible bloom assay of these ecology issues with evidence-based research. Using this timeline of events, actualize a presentation allegory the ecology issues in this region, including the afterward topics/issues: History—A abrupt timeline: Describe the ecology history for the area(s)/region(s) impacted, including the ecology disasters that accept taken abode and their immediate- and abiding impacts on the population’s bloom in this region. Wherever appropriate, accommodate a description of the population(s) in the region, forth with demographics and citizenry sizes. This should booty about 4–5 slides. The factors that acquired these disasters and accessible bloom outcomes in this area. Be abiding to account all accepted adroit factors at comedy and whether they are acquired by bodies and/or are natural. This should booty about 2–3 slides. An assay of how these contest accept impacted or will appulse the bloom and/or ache accident of this arena of the world. Be abiding to abode alternative determinants of health—social, economic, cultural, and alternative ecology factors—in your assay that access or will access the consequence of ecology contest on bloom outcomes in this region. Examine whether you are absorption on a arena with primarily developed or developing countries and explain how this influences accepted and approaching bloom outcomes. This should booty about 4–5 slides. A arbitrary of past, current, and proposed efforts that aim to advice action the furnishings of these ecology issues/threats on bloom (local and/or global), including emergency acknowledgment planning and blockage efforts. This should booty about 3–4 slides. Three recommendations for strategies to assure populations in this arena from poor bloom outcomes due to these ecology issues. Be abiding that your three recommendations are accurate with evidence-based research. These could accommodate abiding policies, emergency acknowledgment plans, or accessible bloom programs that would assure accessible bloom in the region. This should booty about 3–4 slides. References acclimated for the activity in APA format. This should booty about 2–3 slides. Be abiding to accommodate abundant apostle addendum for anniversary accelerate to busy on what you would say while presenting your material. Develop a 20-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources.

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