history hw

1. How would you acknowledge to addition who presents you with the arguments proposed by Social Darwinists, to explain the success or failures of individuals in the society? What affirmation would you use to abutment your position? For this discussion, you charge aboriginal analyze and present their arguments, and again your counterargument. As you aggregate your advice for this altercation you should accumulate in apperception the opportunities that were accessible to many, but additionally the altitude of racism that permeated genitalia of the American association and the legalized bigotry that existed. 2. Several affidavit are proposed answer why the United States absitively to accompany the "Imperialist Club".  Which altercation was the strongest, and which altercation was the weakest?  Explain your position. 3. Compare and adverse the account of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois. In your opinion, which of these two men had the bigger plan? Explain why. 4. In your opinion, was U.S. action in Asia and Latin America amid from backward nineteenth aeon to 1914 absolutely isolationist? Discuss and abutment your response. 5. Hoover's admiral will be always adumbral by the Great Depression.  Is it fair to accusation Hoover's accomplishments or inaction for the Great Depression? Requirement:  Each questions accept to be 200 words at least.

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