history essay

   Description: Choose one of the afterward capacity for your essay: · For one of our civilizations this semester, baddest what you anticipate is its best cogent appropriate and altercate why · Choose a person, accident or abstraction that you acquire was historically cogent to a accurate acculturation and altercate how and why Requirements: · 2 to 3 pages in length · You may use any autograph appearance you ambition (Chicago, MLS, Turabian, etc) · You may use aboriginal person · Minimum of 3 sources o Wikipedia is not a accurate source o Use sources that a reasonable being would acquire as accept aboveboard ability of the topic · All facts, quotations and assay you may use from one of your sources charge be acclaimed in the essay. You may use any appearance of characters you choose · Include a Works Cited folio that lists your sources. Use any bibliographic appearance you wish. The Works Cited folio does not calculation as allotment of the breadth claim above Submission: Go into the article appointment binder and bang on the dropbox provided. Attach your article certificate and hit submit Check the Assignments Due Dates Schedule for the due date/time.

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