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  ary Bethune was built-in on July 10, 1875 in Mayesville, South Carolina.  Mary was one of seventeen accouchement in her ancestors and one of the alone  children to go to school. Mary after went on to alum from academy  and became a teacher. Mary was a able accepter that the way for  African American bodies to beforehand and become somebody in activity was  through the classroom. One of Mary's best acclaimed ability was the  founding the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls in  1904. The academy started out with alone 5 girls and grew to over 250  girls aural the advancing years. Mary became the President of the academy  when it became what we all now apperceive it as Bethune-Cookman academy one of  the best acclaimed actual atramentous colleges we accept today. Bethune additionally  served for abounding presidents like Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and  even the abundant Franklin D. Roosevelt. While confined for these presidents  Mary added the development of African Americans owning home and was  on the board of adolescent health. In 1935 Mary founded the Nation  Council of Negro Women. This board would be a active force to actuate  Negro women to abundance in the future.   Mary spent the after years of adherent to amusing change and abrogation  Bethune-Cookman in 1942. Mary accompany the NAACP with her apperception set of  knowledge is ability and became a articulate baton in the Association. Mary  later retired and said "I leave you a appetite for education. Knowledge is  the prime charge of the hour." Mary after died in 1955. Mary's drive for  education was an empowerment for her era that should be talked about for  generations to come.  respond to this altercation catechism in your own words no references 100 words

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