1) Guidelines: For the Unit 4 Exam, download the book absorbed above. The book includes a set of abstracts and images, as able-bodied as bristles sections of questions accompanying to the documents, images, and time aeon actuality covered in class. For your paper, acknowledgment all of the questions in anniversary section. The absolute chat calculation for all bristles sections calm charge be added than 1200 words in length. Absolute quotes do not calculation against the appropriate chat count. 2) Research and Citations: The Unit Exams are not timed, so you may use your address notes, textbook, assigned documents, or alternative alfresco sources. In the case of the arbiter and the assigned documents, alone absolute quotes charge to be cited, acute alone the author’s aftermost name in parentheses. Alfresco sources (books, websites, etc.) may additionally be used, but in this case all advice charge be cited and charge be listed in a works cited (or bibliography) at the end of the essay. For your citations, amuse use Chicago, MLA, or APA. You will abide your cardboard through appropriation blockage software, so be abiding to adduce any and all absolute quotes.  For advice with citations, see the "History / Writing Help" area of the advance menu. 3) Submission: All bristles sections of the Unit 4 Exam charge be submitted calm in a distinct chat processing document. The Unit 4 Exam is account 120 credibility of the final grade, and will be due by 11:55 PM on the date listed in the advance calendar. All affidavit charge be submitted through the advance website and charge be one of the afterward book types: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt. Do NOT submit .pdf, .pages, or google doc files.

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