History 7 Online Midterm Exam

History 7 Online Midterm Exam100 pointsThe completed assay should be uploaded to Canvas by Thursday, July 8th by 11:59 pmSection 1: Primary Antecedent Identification and Analysis (20 points)Identify and assay the four (4) primary abstracts from the abstracts assigned in The American Yawp Reader (Chapters 15 through 22) by answering the bristles questions listed beneath for anniversary document. Anniversary antecedent identification is account 5 credibility for a absolute of 20 points. [Note: Please acknowledgment all questions for anniversary certificate calm in about 1-2 paragraphs. Then, acknowledgment all questions for the added document, etc. This makes is abundant easier to grade. Thanks!]Who wrote the document? (Include the name of the columnist and explain who they were in agreement of class, age, race, etc.)When was the certificate created? (Include the date but accommodate ambience – an account of what was activity on at that time)What blazon of certificate is it? (Speech, diary, etc.)What is the capital point of the document? What is the author’s thesis?Why is this certificate cogent to historians – acceptation what can we apprentice from this certificate that is specific to compassionate the era in which it was written?YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY 4 DOCUMENTS TO ANALYZE FROM THE 8 DOCUMENTS THAT ARE LISTED BELOW:Jourdan Anderson writes his above enslaver (Chapter 15)William Graham Sumner on Social Darwinism (Chapter 16)Helen Hunt Jackson on a Aeon of Dishonor (Chapter 17)Ida B. Wells-Barnett “Lynch Law in America” (Chapter 18)Rudyard Kipling “The White Man’s Burden” (Chapter 19)Booker T. Washington and WEB DuBois on Atramentous Progress (Chapter 20)Alan Seeger on WWI (Chapter 21)Ellen Welles Page “A Flapper’s Appeal to Parents” (Chapter 22)Section 2: Essays (80 points) Students will address TWO essays for the midterm exam. Anniversary article is account 40 points. Use the address modules on Canvas and The American Yawp arbiter to advance your essays. If you use added resources, accommodate citations (any architecture is acceptable). The assignment and arguments you aftermath should BE YOUR OWN! You should plan to absorb about two hours (try not to absorb added than that) absolutely autograph the exam. The completed essays are to be angry in via Canvas.Focus on the capacity in the arbiter The American Yawp which awning the Reconstruction – Chapter 15 (1865-1877) through to the New Era - Chapter 22 (1920s). Reconstruction witnessed abstruse changes in the lives of southerners, atramentous and white, affluent and poor. Explain the assorted means that the lives of these groups were changed. How were the changes for bigger or worse?The West meant altered things to altered groups of people. Explain the adventures of at atomic three audible groups of bodies in “The West” amid 1865 and 1914. [For example, you could analyze the adventures of women, Chinese, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, etc.…]Explain the immigrant acquaintance in the backward 19th and aboriginal 20th century. Be abiding to analyze the changes in clearing (“new” immigrants vs. “old” immigrants) during this period. Analyze the lives of banal peoples both at home and in the workplace.What do historians beggarly by the appellation “new” apparent destiny? Through specific actual examples allegorize how and why this appellation came to ascertain the backward 19th and aboriginal 20th aeon United States.What were the causes and the after-effects of the Great War (First World War) for the United States? Include in your acknowledgment a altercation of the war years at home in the United States – what was accident in the US while the war raged in Europe and elsewhere.Analyze the means in which the afterward adumbrated the astriction amid bourgeois and advanced angle in American association during the 1920s: The Red Scare, Prohibition, The Scopes Trial, and flappers.

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