Your appointment is to brainstorm that you are active during one of the time periods we are belief   during the semester, and additionally that you are a abutting friend/relative/associate of a actual figure. You   can accept to be one of the following:   A abutting acquaintance of Socrates   A Macedonian soldier traveling with Alexander the Great   Cleopatra’s best acquaintance   A Senator active during Emperor Nero’s administration   Clotilde, the added wife of King Clovis   One of Charlemagne’s daughters  You will address a alternation of account entries (4-6 entries in all) in the first-person in which you reflect aloft  your friend/relative/associate. Your account entries should discuss, but not necessarily be bound to the   following:   The political bearings surrounding the friend/relative/associate    How your friend/relative/associate reacts to assorted situations, including obstacles and   victories.    Accepted characteristics of the personality of your friend/relative/associate    How alternative bodies feel about your friend/relative/associate. (Are they feared? Loved?   Respected? Hated? Do they abet any alternative able emotions? What causes the animosity about   them you accept highlighted?  Please bethink that the account entries charge to reflect the community and ability of the time, rather than   those of the twentieth-first century.   So area should you begin? Start by attractive up facts about the friend/relative/associate that can be   found in your textbook.   Then, go Wikipedia. Analysis out accepted advice about your friend/relative/associate as able-bodied as   the time aeon during which he or she lived. You can additionally analysis out alternative websites to get added   information.  Finally, appointment the library at UCC (virtually, that is) and do accepted searches in the library   catalogue/database on the time aeon and your friend/relative/associate.   There is a lot of allowance for creativity, so use your acuteness forth with the analysis you do!  Citation: accomplish abiding you accommodate a Works Cited folio with all the assets you acclimated  This appointment charge be at 1200 

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