Be abiding to address complete sentences, bifold space, set one-inch margins, and use Times Roman 12-point font.  Aim for about one-and-a bisected to two pages for anniversary of your answers.   1. Russia fabricated abundant economic, social, and political advance amid 1861 and 1914. Why, then, did the tsarist government collapse so aback in February/March* 1917 and be replaced by a Provisional (temporary) Government? Why were the Bolsheviks (soon to alarm themselves Communists) beneath Lenin able to abolish the Provisional Government in October/November of that year, and why did they win the consecutive Russian Civilian War (1918-1921)? What affectionate of baton was Stalin, and how did he change Lenin’s policies? *Remember: the Russian acclimated the old Julian agenda until February 1918, back the Communists adopted the Gregorian calendar. The Julian agenda was thirteen canicule abaft the Gregorian agenda in the 20th century. 2. What is imperialism? Explain four affidavit for the aberrant European amplification into Africa and Asia during the aeon 1870-1914. What furnishings did imperialism have, first, for Europeans and second, for built-in populations in Africa and Asia? How did bodies in China and India eventually acknowledge to European imperialism? 3. Discuss the causes of the Great War (World War I) and the affidavit for the Allies’ victory. Was any one nation added amenable than others for the war?  Why was France so bent to abuse Germany afterwards the war? Was the abuse just? 4. What affairs were accessory to the acceleration of dictatorships and the abatement of democracies amid 1918 and 1939, decidedly in Italy and Germany? What fabricated German Nazism and Italian Fascism such advancing ideologies?  5. Various writers accept appropriate that the twentieth century’s World Wars in their European contexts were in actuality civilian wars amid aggressive ideologies, one apery accelerating account and ethics that originated in the Enlightenment, and the other, the antipode of accelerating account and values. Discuss.

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