This article appointment is a primary antecedent assay on The Foundry Engineering Works of the Overseas Trading Company, Factory Rules . In your article on Factory Rules, you are appropriate to apprehend the primary source.  The arbiter and online abstracts additionally accommodate accessible accomplishments advice for the essay.   Your article needs a abrupt addition and analytical assay in absolute paragraphs with a minimum of 300 words.  It should be based on your primary antecedent account and it needs to authenticate your assay of the documents.  Three or added specific in-text antecedent citations are accepted and required.   Please accede the afterward questions back you address the essay: The accent - it seems a little acrid from a avant-garde perspective, but was it? Use of words like "overseer," "obey," and "gatekeeper." What do those words convey? The breadth of the assignment day.   Bathroom breaks, aphorism 10 - what do you accomplish of them? The acceptable appulse such rules would accept on the activity of the individual.

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