Please advance and address article responses the questions below. You charge assignment on your own and neither coact nor address with any alternative student. You will abide your answers, in the anatomy of abbreviate essays (approx. 750 words each) in a SINGLE WORD DOCUMENT  1.     Age-old World: Analyze how the cultures of the age-old Western World (for our purposes, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome) shaped Western forms of government, society, and adoration and explain what appulse these contributions had in the development of a “Western Civilization.” 2.     Medieval West: Discuss how three institutions shaped activity in medieval Europe: the manor, the church, and the village. Use affirmation and examples from your textbook, primary sources, and Judith Bennett’s A Medieval Life. Your exams will be graded according to the afterward criteria: Introductions-10%             “Roadmap” Charge acquaint me what you’re discussing in the essay. Thesis Statements-10%             Single account laying out the altercation or capital point of anniversary of the essays.  Should be             accessible to reader. Primary Antecedent Evidence-15%             Use primary-source abstracts listed on the abridgement and acclimated in lectures to abutment your arguments. Secondary Antecedent Evidence-25%             Charge accommodate and use a accessory antecedent (textbook, acclaimed website, database             information) to abutment your ideas, including Bennett’s A Medieval Life Citations-10%             Actual and constant citations of ALL abstracts acclimated (both apery and direct quotes) Conclusions-10%             Tells the clairvoyant what you’ve argued and how you’ve accurate your point Accuracy, Alignment & Appearance -20%             Advice is correct.  Command of advance advice and readings should be evident.             Proofread.  Formal. Your essays should accept an addition that helps your clairvoyant (me) analyze your acknowledgment to the article prompts. Anticipate of the addition as a roadmap—it will acquaint me absolutely what you plan to allocution about in your exam. Achieve abiding you accept a capital apriorism statement—one book that describes what your article will argue—for anniversary article you address (three for this exam). Each allotment of your acknowledgment should chase in acknowledging paragraphs. Anniversary of these charge accept an calmly identifiable affair book that describes how the branch supports your capital point. Anniversary branch should additionally accommodate evidence. Affirmation charge be fatigued from the primary sources listed above. For this assay you charge accommodate primary antecedent affirmation in the anatomy of apery AND absolute quotations from some of the primary sources listed on the syllabus. Supporting, or secondary, affirmation charge appear from your arbiter and lectures, (and from library assets if you charge them) and Bennett’s A Medieval Life. That is how you’ll ample in the agenda and accomplishments information. Every time you use a allotment of evidence, either in the anatomy of paraphrasing, summary, or absolute quotation, you charge to accommodate me with a citation—a advertence that indicates area you got the information, who wrote that information, etc. A adviser to able citations for history affidavit is accessible on Moodle. You charge use this adviser as your address your exam. If you do not adduce your sources properly, you will accept no acclaim for that allocation of the exam. Finally, your article should accept a conclusion. The point of a cessation is to abridge your capital argument. It reminds the clairvoyant of what your capital point was and how you approved the definiteness or activity of your argument. Aloof as the addition tells a clairvoyant area you’ll be activity in the exam, the cessation should acquaint the clairvoyant area they’ve aloof been. It can feel repetitive, but it is important for you as a biographer to reflect on what you’ve aloof accomplished, and it is important for the clairvoyant to accept a nice authoritativeness of your argument. Your article will additionally be evaluated on accurateness and alignment and style. This agency that I’m attractive for proofreading. Are all of your statements true? Do you affectation compassionate and command of the advice in the texts? Do all of your paragraphs accept affair sentences? Do they all accommodate affirmation to your reader? Are all your words spelled correctly? Is the article accounting in a academic manner? Did you abstain informalities? Is the article grammatically correct? Is the punctuation right? Allotment of acceptable your clairvoyant to booty you actively agency demography time with spelling, grammar, and style. Remember, the point of an article assay is to do the following: ·         Show you accept concepts that accommodate the base for the course ·         Show you can use those concepts to adapt specific materials ·         Show you can achieve connections, see relationships, draw comparisons and contrasts ·         Show you can amalgamate assorted advice in abutment of an aboriginal assertion ·         Show you can absolve your own evaluations based on adapted criteria ·         Show you can annex accordant accessory affirmation to abutment your claims ·         Show you can altercate your own opinions with acceptable evidence ·          Show you can anticipate alarmingly and analytically about a subject Your brand on the assay all-embracing will be based on your adeptness to achieve the credibility listed above. You will abide your assay through Moodle. To do this calmly and properly, you charge save your exam, which you’ll aftermath in a chat processing program, as a (.doc) or a (.docx) book accordant with Microsoft Word 

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