magine you are a European immigrant to America, aggravating to acclimate to the new activity you sought. You appetite to allotment your adventures with your ancestors aback home so they will bigger understand. Choose a country of agent (and, as an added advantage that is not required, religious tradition): Country of origin Poland Italy Bulgaria Greece Ukraine Czechoslovakia Serbia Religious tradition Catholic Jewish Lutheran Other Protestant No religious tradition Write a -word, first-person description of your adventures as an immigrant to America in the backward 19th or aboriginal 20th century. The description should booty the anatomy of a account entry, autobiography, or diary. Include descriptions of some of the following: The political, social, or bread-and-butter factors that precipitated your migration The adventure beyond the ocean, including sleeping apartment and accessible food Ellis Island The burghal you achieve in, and why The racist attitudes of some Americans Tenement housing Factory conditions, hours worked, and pay The cachet your accouchement eventually achieve

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