History 146

  The adventures of Catalina de Erauso, The Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New  World, complicates the academic angel that abounding bodies accept of a 17th aeon Spanish conquistador.  However, alternative than Catalina's amazing adventures of active abroad from a convent, angry as a soldier, and artifice to the New World, Catalina de Erauso’s dreams and ambitions were not that altered  from the accustomed experiences, dreams, and ambitions of macho conquistadors like Columbus or Cortès.  In your aboriginal article of the quarter, reflect aloft the means that the Lieutenant Nun’s amazing and accustomed adventures are both agnate and altered to the macho conquistadors that we’ve abstruse about in class.  In what means did Catalina de Erauso claiming society’s expectations for a woman of Catalina's age, race, and chic status?  In what means did Catalina accommodate to society’s expectations for a macho conquistador?  How did Spanish colonization and the New World appearance Catalina's experiences? Minimum breadth is 1,500 words.  Be abiding to anatomy your article in a acceptable anecdotal architecture with an argument/thesis statement, introduction, anatomy paragraphs with examples from the readings, and conclusion.  To adduce passages from the reading, agreement the folio cardinal in departure is fine.

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