History 104H

   Hist 104- Short Answer-Reflection/Review Assignment Spring 2018 E. Barron Procedure: Students are to acknowledgment bristles (5) of the afterward questions. Each acknowledgment should be about 2-3 paragraphs. Students should advance chic addendum and/or the arbiter as a starting point, but may advance alternative sources as needed. Each catechism is account 10 points.  Answers should be typed and bifold spaced  (Times New Roman or Arial font, admeasurement 12).  Each catechism is account 10 points. Questions: 1. How would European settlers explain their ahead to Built-in Americans and absolve both the acquisition of built-in acreage and absolute their freedom? 2. For English settlers, acreage was the base of liberty. Explain the acumen abaft that abstraction and how it differed from the Indians’ abstraction of land. 3. Eric Foner states, “Prejudice by itself did not actualize American slavery.” Examine the bread-and-butter forces, events, and laws that shaped the adventures of apprenticed people. 4. Define and altercate the concepts of republicanism and capitalism and how these account contributed to the political development of the British Colonies. 5. Altercate the accomplishments taken by the British afterwards the Seven Years’ War. Why did the colonists appearance these accomplishments as biased and an advance on their liberty? 6. For the lower classes, colonial association had been based on inequality, deference, and obedience. How did the American Revolution claiming that amusing order? 7. How did the amplification of the accessible apple afterwards the American Revolution and a new altercation of rights action opportunities to women? 

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