history 101

  odule 3: Annotated Bibliography: Introduction Introduction The Annotated Bibliography is allotment of your final project.  Acceptance are to accommodate annotations for bristles primary sources and bristles accessory sources that will again be acclimated in the final project.  Sources should be anon accompanying to the final project’s topic.  Annotations should be a branch (about 100 words). For accessory sources, acceptance should use aerial affection bookish sources, abnormally bookish monographs or accessories appear in peer-reviewed bookish journals. Acceptance should abstain application the textbook, album articles, or anonymously authored websites. For primary sources, acceptance should be attractive for abstracts which were originally accounting during the time aeon they are aggravating to study. While architectural or archaeological charcoal absolutely do authorize as primary sources which can be acclimated by advisers to reconstruct the past, they are ambiguous for an appointment like this. Accounting abstracts from the accomplished should be your focus! Your Annotated Bibliography is due afore the cessation of Module 5. When you accept completed this assignment, upload your assignment to Module 5: Annotated Bibliography: Submit Here.  What is an Annotated Bibliography?  An annotated bibliography is an organized account of sources (like a advertence list). It differs from a aboveboard bibliography in that anniversary advertence is followed by a branch breadth annotation, about 100 words in length. What is the purpose of an Annotated Bibliography?  Accommodate a abstract analysis on a accurate subject Help to codify a apriorism on a subject Demonstrate the analysis you accept performed on a accurate subject Accommodate examples of above sources of advice accessible on a topic Describe items that alternative advisers may acquisition of absorption on a topic What am I appropriate to accommodate in my Annotated Bibliography? For Primary Sources: Bibliographic advice according to Chicago style. The name and accomplishments of the author, if known. The date the certificate was originally written, if known. The author’s purpose in autograph the certificate and its actual context. Any bent displayed by the author. The acceptation of the certificate (i.e., why should anybody in the present care?). For Accessory Sources: Bibliographic advice according to Chicago style. The name and bookish accomplishments of the columnist (education, publications, university appointments, etc.) The author’s capital altercation (note, this is not the aforementioned affair as a simple description of the accountable matter-- what is the columnist aggravating to say about this subject?). The specific types of affirmation acclimated to abutment the author’s capital altercation (are they primary sources? Bookish accessory works?) How successful/convincing is the author’s argument? What are some examples of an Annotated Bibliography?  Here are some accessible assets that accommodate examples of an Annotated Bibliography: Purdue University OWL: Annotated Bibliography Examples (Links to an alien site.) Chicago Appearance Annotations (Links to an alien site.) What is an Annotated Bibliography?  (Links to an alien site.) How to Write an Annotated Bibliography in Turabian/Chicago Appearance  (Links to an alien site.) Useful websites for award primary sources online: World History Sources (Links to an alien site.) Perseus Digital Library (Links to an alien site.) Ancient History Sourcebook (Links to an alien site.) Medieval History Sourcebook (Links to an alien site.) Women's History Sourcebook (Links to an alien site.) Diotima (Links to an alien site.) (Women's History Sources) The Avalon Project (Links to an alien site.) World Digital Library (Links to an alien site.) Grading

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