History 100

 Instructions Activity 3 8-2 It’s time to abide your third and aftermost activity in the course! Argue the Multimedia Presentation Submission Handout PDF to advice you conduct a final analysis of all the appointment you accept completed on your multimedia presentation and accomplish any all-important final edits. After commutual your final analysis of your presentation, upload the complete PowerPoint presentation file, Prezi link, or Microsoft Word certificate for adviser feedback. To complete this assignment, analysis the Activity 3 Multimedia Presentation Guidelines and Rubric PDF document. Discussion 8-1   Revisit the modules throughout the advance to accede your antecedent thoughts on the abstraction of history and reflect on how your cerebration on history has evolved. Then acknowledge to the afterward question. Now that you are advancing to the end of this course, has your acumen of history acquired back bore one? Why or why not? Niccolò Machiavelli already stated, "Wise men say, and not after reason, that whoever wishes to apprehend the approaching charge argue the past; for animal contest anytime resemble those of above-mentioned times." With this adduce in apperception and absorption on your analysis this appellation accede this question: Choose a abreast affair and call how your acumen of that affair could accept afflicted based on your analysis of your topic?

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