Discussion Board 2  Prompt: You are an alien. Although altered from humans, your tissues and agency anatomy are similar. This is your adventitious to get creative—briefly call your conflicting and ambiance (i.e. what do you breathe or eat, do you alive in an amphibian environment, etc.)  Apply what you accept abstruse in Hands On Lab: Histology to architecture one of your conflicting organs.  First call the function(s) of the organ. To do this, you charge to analysis what Earth organs and tissues would reflect the analysis of your agency (i.e. if your agency allows you to animation underwater, you ability analysis angle aspect or if your agency is a pump, you ability analysis animal cardiac muscle) Now, call the tissues that accomplish up the agency and the action of anniversary tissue. Tissue requirements: • 2 epithelial tissues (epithelial tissues band structures, so you should accept one on the alfresco of your agency and one lining the inside) • 2 affiliation tissues • 1 beef tissue • 1 afraid tissue Remember that the tissues you accept charge reflect the purpose of the agency (i.e. if it is a clarification organ, you would not accept a stratified epithelial tissue as your clarification band or if the agency needs to contract, this would be the purpose of the beef layer) Part 1: Initial Column (Worth up to 50 points) • Length: 250-500 words • You will charge to use at atomic 3 acclaimed authentic references to abutment your column (not including your textbook). Acclaimed sources= associate advised authentic account articles, accepted websites, or books. Google, Wikipedia, etc. are not adequate sources. o Your advice charge be credible, accurate, and able-bodied accurate by evidence. The best sources of advice are the analysis journals and the books as able-bodied as webpages maintained by able societies and organizations. Search for accessories and bookish actual should alpha with the cyberbanking databases of libraries such as FTCC’s Paul H. Thompson Library (opens new window), PubMed (opens new window) or alternative such resources. When in agnosticism about material, use CARS account (opens new window) to see if it can be acclimated in discussions and writings. o You charge adduce all sources. Citation architecture charge be MLA or APA (Visit the Purdue Owl Writing Lab (opens new window) for instructions on able formatting)

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