1.  Your basal assignment actuality is to address on a Association of Convenance [CoP]. Try to specific in the CoP character that you accept (e.g. Big Hills Church, the Radio Shack softball team, Path of Exile gamers,  employees of 16th Street Mall Starbucks, the Broken Family bubbler buddies). It is not all-important for you to accept any acquaintance with the CoP that you describe. As continued as you are absorbed (for any reason) in the CoP that you describe, accommodate your responses to the afterward bolded questions: What is the CoP called? Are there assorted names or labels for the CoP? Do association associates alarm the CoP article altered than outsiders? If the CoP doesn't accept a name, you'll charge to actualize one. Why do you anticipate this accumulation of bodies constitutes a CoP? What accent practices or alternative behaviors are accurate to the CoP? Where or how do the associates appoint with one another? What goals or alternative affidavit for actuality calm advice ascertain the CoP identity? Why you are absorbed in this accurate CoP? Describe 2 different association practices. Again, “practice” agency a candid behavior that is accustomed by associates of the association and has a specific acceptation for them. A convenance could be a appropriate word, phrase, handshake, account of clothing, etc… What are the origins of the practices? How are they used? How do the practices chronicle to sociocultural attributes of the CoP?   2.   comment on one way that the CoP you declared for Prompt 1 is agnate to the Deaf Community.

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