Hist of Math Writing assignment

 Respond to *one* of the afterward topics. In all cases, your responses should be acutely organized and should accomplish specific advertence (with citation) to the primary texts. You should abode forth the way anniversary of the questions independent in your called topic, but your article should not aloof be a bullet-point response, but rather a absorption on the affair that synthesizes your thoughts on the assorted alone questions. You may appetite to (and in some cases will accept to) apprehend above our assigned passages. Do not alternate to booty a stance, nor to accession a catechism that you acquisition abstruse and ability appetite to anticipate about more. 600 words is an adapted length. (1) Familiarize yourself with some of the basal methods of the counting-board (you ability ambition to comedy with toothpicks or some such), and again abstraction the counting lath accomplishing of the basis abstraction methods in The Nine Chapters. (You will accept to attending up the Shen-Crossley-Lun book in the library: amuse aloof browse or archetype pages you ambition to read, so that the book charcoal accessible for alternative students.) Come up with your own examples of boxlike equations, and explain their solutions on the counting-board—your account should accommodate diagrams apery the procedure, which you may draw by hand. Additionally accord in alongside a allegorical “algebraic” account of the procedure. Analyze these two approaches at a applied and/or conceptual level. (2) In Quadrature of Parabolas, Archimedes begins with yet addition affidavit (that we did not discuss), of the quadrature of parabolas, culminating in Proposition 17 of the book. Like the altercation in The Method, this affidavit uses concrete attempt like the law of the lever. Abstraction this argument, and analyze and adverse it with the altercation in The Method. Altercate anxiously how anniversary altercation works with—or works around—concepts of the absolute that appear back belief non-rectilinear areas. (3) Apprehend through the definitions and postulates in Apple and Cylinder I. Anxiously go over all of the capacity in Archimedes’ affidavit of the adding of the apparent breadth of a sphere, and allegorize the use of the assorted postulates. Some of these postulates are decidedly interesting, because they are from a avant-garde angle absorbing algebraic after-effects able of affidavit via analytic methods. Apprehend the area of the annotation of Eutocius (also translated in Netz’s copy of Apple and Cylinder I, to which we accept absolute ebook admission via the university library) on Archimedes’ analogue and postulates in Apple and Cylinder I: how does Eutocius accept the role of the postulates? In your view, how does Archimedes accept the role of the postulates? (4) Come up with your own topic. Whatever it is, you should accompaniment it clearly, and your article should absorb abundant account of at atomic one primary text. 

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