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******ATTENTION....Please apprehend afore you bid***** Bid is final****If you acquire the bid you are accordant to the behest price***Price is FINAL!!!!!!!! Consider a few agitator activities back the 1980s until today. Here is a starting point: 1983: United States Embassy in Beirut and Kuwait is bombed 1988: Osama bin Laden re-organizes Al Qaeda in Pakistan to backpack out attacks 1993: World Trade Center Bombing (first time) 1995: Oklahoma City Bombing 1998: United Stated Embassy bombings Nairobi and Sar Es Salaam 2001: 9/11 Bombing of the World Trade Centers 2001: Bio Agitation begins (anthrax belletrist and Bill Gates's warnings on bio terrorism) 2013: Boston Marathon Bombings 2018: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Then, abode three (3) of the afterward and ability a response, as a whole, for your selections: 1. Explain if you anticipate that all-around agitation can be stopped. 2. Analyze the albatross of the United States today to be the world's "policeman." 3. Assess if accord and adherence in the Middle East are basic to U.S. abridgement and civic security. 4. If the United States withdrew its troops from the Middle East tomorrow, would the agitator blackmail end. Why or why not? 5. Assess if the use of aggressive force is the alone way to anticipate terrorism. Are there alternative accessible alternatives? Which action is best and why? 450 words response.  Minimum of 2 bookish source/ references with in argument citation.

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