HIS 497 Week 5 Discussion

Prepare: To auspiciously complete this discussion: Read the afterward from the text, Essaying the Past: How to Read, Write, and Anticipate About History: Conclusion: The Love of History Appendix G: More Reading About Writing Examine the afterward career development resources: Jobs & Able Development (Links to an alien site.) Career Exploration Resources (Links to an alien site.) Future Educator Resources (Links to an alien site.) Real Jobs for Real Majors: What Can I do With a Major in…?  (Links to an alien site.) What Can I Do With This Major? (Links to an alien site.) Review these assets on alum school: History Alum Programs (Links to an alien site.) Overview: Process and Materials (Links to an alien site.)  Reflect: As you abreast the end of this course, you are additionally advancing the end of your undergraduate amount program. Considering what you accept able over the accomplished bristles weeks and during your apprenticeship acquaintance as a whole, anticipate about what you accept abstruse about researching and autograph in history and how you will use these abilities and abide to body aloft them afterwards graduation. Write: In an antecedent column of at atomic 250-300 words, present a abridgment of your key findings, conclusions, and opinions that you developed in your Final Capstone Analysis Project. What are the best important concepts you abstruse from this course? What techniques were the best admired for you and why? What areas of your analysis and autograph do you anticipate accept bigger the most? What areas will you focus on to abide to advance your analysis and/or autograph skills? Finally, explain how you anticipate applying the abilities you accept developed in this affairs as you alteration to activity afterwards graduation, be it alum school, your able career, or alternative areas of your life.

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