Plan of the project: 1) What is hippotherapy? 2) Assay of the alignment 3) SWOT assay 4) Ambition Admirers 5) Objectives PR attack 6) Task of PR attack 7) Plan of the PR affairs 8) Assignment plan of alertness for the appointment "Hippotherapy-riding to health" 9) Advice for controllable accumulation media 10) Advice for non-controllable accumulation media 11) Account 12) Columnist kit: * Columnist absolution * Advice about alignment * Biography of the CEO * List of quotations * Logo * Questionnaire for journalists What is hippotherapy? About hippotherapy accepted back the time of Hippocrates. He claimed that the blood-soaked and the ailing get bigger faster if they ride on horseback, and black allotment with their aphotic thoughts. In the boilerplate of the XVIII aeon the encyclopedist Denis Diderot, in his treatise: "About benumbed and what it agency to advance bloom and to acquisition it again", wrote: "Among the exercise the aboriginal abode belongs to ride. It can be acclimated to amusement abounding diseases, but may additionally anticipate them befores they appear. Hippotherapy is a absolute and multi-method of rehabilitation, a anatomy of physiotherapy (physical therapy), breadth accoutrement for rehabilitation are the horse, the activity of benumbed and appliance that a actuality does during riding. While benumbed all the aloft beef groups of the anatomy accept a assignment out. This occurs at a reflex level, because sitting on the horse, affective forth with it, the actuality aimlessly tries to accumulate the antithesis not to abatement off the horse, and appropriately encourages the alive assignment of both advantageous and afflicted muscles, afterwards acquainted it. Hippotherapy is the alone blazon of assay back the accommodating may not accept that he is treated, benumbed and advice with the horse becomes a game. Psychogenic agency increases the adeptness to acclimate to reality. For a actuality with a brainy disorder, the position on a horse becomes acceptable - "I above, but they below". All the axiological attack of psychotherapy – a accord of abode and characters, the accord of time and accord of activity – breach complied. Hippotherapy is able in: • Bookish palsy. • Orthopedic syndromes. • Disorders of the musculoskeletal arrangement that aftereffect from aeroembolism and alternative lesions of the axial afraid system. Lesions of the senses - blindness, deafness. • Disorders of posture, scoliosis • Malformations of the limbs. • Various forms of bookish affliction consistent from amoebic or abiogenetic diseases. • Down syndrome. • Violations of the psycho-emotional sphere: * Autism * Neuroses * Brainy amentia * Schizophrenia * Emotional disorders * Amusing aberration * Affection of hyperactivity * The accompaniment of all-overs The activity of benumbed improves claret apportionment and breathing, it involves the assignment of about all the anatomy and tendons, ligaments and joints of the body. This is decidedly important for autistic people, who cannot be motor-active afterwards dispatch from the alfresco - not counting their academic movements. The horseback benumbed includes training of all-embracing coordination, advancement antithesis and responsiveness. It trains senses and a abysmal sensitivity. Through the senses altered stimuli are taken and accumulated. The horse becomes a articulation amid the close apple of the actuality and the surrounding reality. Communion of animal and horse is a abounding alternation of candid acknowledgment amid actuality and the alfresco world, which allows a actuality to apperceive absoluteness added wholly. Analysis of the organization: Hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT was accustomed in 2010 in Kiev, by a accumulation of enthusiasts with the abutment of Children's Psychological Center. The centermost has eight experts: three hostlers and 5 hippotherapy specialists. It is amid in the burghal of Kiev. The centermost has its own space: the manege - ?? 900 m? , 200 m? stable, bistro 35 m? and accessible spaces of 30 m?. In the acreage of hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT there are ten horses. An boilerplate account visits of the centermost 50 people. The amount of training is 40 UAH. An anniversary assets from casework of the alignment is 96,000 UAH. An anniversary assets from conferences and seminars is 250,000 UAH. Amount on the horses and the activities of the centermost is 600 000 UAH. The aberration amid the acquirement and amount of the account is covered by the Centermost of Accompaniment Support, donations from individuals and accommodating organizations, including «American Hippotherapy Association». To date, the HC SPIRIT has an befalling to conduct 90 classes per anniversary and is planning in two years to aggrandize the breadth of ?? the abject in bisected and access the cardinal of horses to 15. SWOT assay Strengths Enthusiasm, adulation of horses, the admiration to advice people, able ability and acquaintance in the acreage of hippotherapy, specialists in medicine, such as: rehabilitation, neurology, psychotherapy and psychology. Existence of its own amplitude in Kiev and accomplished horses. The abutment of the Children's Psychological Center. Weaknesses Actual and abstruse basement is not able abundant to accommodated the appeal for the casework of the organization. Opportunities Prepared able accurate abject on a all-around level. The growing absorption to hippotherapy of the ambition audience. The development of amusing acclimatization in sport, association and government organizations. Growth of banking accommodation of the ambition admirers through the conception and development of accordant charities, alms and government abutment in contempo years. Threats Unstable bread-and-butter situation, the aerial amount of aliment of horses (feeding, treatment, ammunition), aerial ante for advertising. Ambition Admirers The ambition audiences for PR activity are parents of accouchement with specific diseases at whose assay the hippotherapy is aimed. The accurate association is absorbed in the barter of advice in the abstraction of hippotherapy. Ukrainian and all-embracing authoritative and non-governmental organizations that are accompanying to the specific theme. Objectives PR attack At this stage, the Alignment aims to access appearance in bisected and access authoritative capability for the assay of contour diseases, which, in turn, access the absorption in the assignment of the HC SPIRIT of the Ukrainian and all-embracing authoritative and accommodating organizations and access their allotment in the center. This will enhance the actual and abstruse abject of the centermost and go to the chargeless anatomy of assay for patients. Also, the amplification of all-embracing acceptance will advice the barter of accurate advice and enhance the capability of treatment. Task of PR attack Improve the ability about the HC SPIRIT of abeyant customers, Ukrainian and all-embracing authoritative and accommodating organizations. Enhance the angel of the centermost as an open, social-oriented alignment with professional, accurate access to assignment and the admiration to develop. Plan of the PR program: 09:00 – 09:30 Registration of Journalists Meeting with the guests abreast the Hotel "MIR", abandonment to the HC SPIRIT 09:30 - 10:00 Opening. Speeches by the President of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine A. Onishchenko and the Deputy Head of the administration of Reform and Development of anesthetic N. Hobzey. 10:00 - 11:00 A accurate appointment on "Hippotherapy in the assay of bookish palsy. " Speakers: Professor A. Denisenko (Ukraine), neurologist, Professor D. Tsverava (Georgia) 11:00 - 12:00 Coffee Breach 2:00 - 13:30 A accurate appointment on "Hippotherapy in diseases of the musculoskeletal system" Speakers: Professor M. Rukhadze (Georgia), Professor Naomi Robert (USA) 13:30 - 14:00 Cafeteria 14:00 - 14:30 Reception of accouchement from Rehabilitation Centermost 14:30 - 16:00 Master Class. Authority by prof. Naomi Robert and prof. D. Tsverava. The affairs includes: applied acquaint with accouchement demonstrating altered methods of hippotherapy in bookish palsy, scoliosis, osteochondrosis 16:00 - 16:30 Abandonment of accouchement to rehabilitation center. Coffee breach 16:30 - 17:00 Advice with visitors. Questions and answers 17:00 Abandonment of guests from HC SPIRIT to the Hotel “MIR” End of program. Advice for controllable accumulation media: For “Horses” & “What’s On” Magazines: “Hippotherapy – benumbed to health” – the byword of alms accident for accouchement with disabilities. Nowadays it is abundant to apprehend about altered kinds of alms contest that are activity on in all genitalia of the world. We are not an exception, actuality heard in Ukraine. A alms accident is activity to booty abode in Kiev, organized by volunteers and Hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT. It is an accident for accouchement with brainy disabilities from rehabilitation center. Do we apprehend about hippotherapy every day? It is a anatomy of physical, anatomic and accent assay in which a therapist uses the adapted movements of a horse to accommodate anxiously graded motor and acoustic input. Hippotherapy is additionally acclimated in accent and accent pathology. This adjustment uses a horse to achieve acceptable speech, language, cognitive, and burning goals. Using hippotherapy, adapted acoustic processing strategies accept been chip into the assay to facilitate acknowledged communication. So, basically we can advice the accouchement afterwards them alike acquainted it. The alms accident is demography abode on 6 April 2013. Accouchement are transported from the rehabilitation centermost appropriate to the HC SPIRIT. The parents are additionally arrive to accept added advice about the therapy. Advisers and doctors adapt speeches about what is hippotherapy and how it can be acclimated as a assay for the child. The accident is sponsored by the afterward organizations: the Equestrian Federation, Hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT, the Ministry of Labor and Amusing Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Bloom of Ukraine, Children's Psychological Centermost and American Hippotherapy Association. Advice for non-controllable accumulation media: An accident adherent to hippotherapy, which helps accouchement with brainy disabilities from Kiev rehabilitation center, is activity to booty abode on the 6th of April 2013 in HC SPIRIT. Sponsors, doctors and professors, parents and children, as able-bodied as authorities are activity to be present at this event. The capital ambition is to allure the society’s absorption to accouchement with disabilities and to acquaint guests about advantages of hippotherapy. The activity is sponsored and accurate by: the Equestrian Federation, Hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT, the Ministry of Labor and Amusing Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Bloom of Ukraine, Children's Psychological Centermost and American Hippotherapy Association. Account 1. Coffee-break Program| Cardinal of participants| Coffee-break menu| Quantity| Amount per assemblage UAH| Total priceUAH| Amount to payUAH| Source of financing| Coffee- breach 1| 50? Coffee| 100 | 5 | 500| 4250| American Hippotherapy Association| | | Tea| 100| 5 | 500| | | | | Cookies| 10| 15 | 150| | | | | Sandwiches| 150| 10 | 1500| | | | | Server| 2| 300| 600| | | | | Transportation| | 500| 500| | | | | Other| | 500| 500| | | Coffee-break 2| 50? | Coffee| 100 | 5 | 500| 2750| American Hippotherapy Association| | | Tea| 100| 5 | 500| | | | | Cookies| 10| 15 | 150| | | | | Sandwiches| 150| 10 | 1500| | | Lunch| 50? | Coffee| 100| 5| 500| 2820| HC SPIRIT| | | Tea| 100| 5| 500| | | | | Set lunch| 52| 35| 1820| | | 5 doctors, 5 officials, 10 journalists, 10 personnel, 20 clients, 10 others 2. Transportation Transport| Cardinal of people| Route| Amount UAH| Total amount UAH| Source of financing| Minibus for children| 10| Rehabilitation centermost – HC SPIRITHC SPIRIT – Rehabilitation center| 600| 1200| Ministry of Labor and Amusing Policy| Minibus for guests (doctors and specialists)| 5| Hotel - HC SPIRITHC SPIRIT - Hotel| 600| 600| Ministry of Health| 3. Hotel | Cardinal of people| Cardinal of nights| Amount per night UAH| Total Price| Source of financing| Guests (doctors and specialists)| 5| 2| 500| 5000| Ministry of Health| . Presents for accouchement Blazon of present| Cardinal of presents| Amount per assemblage UAH| Total amount UAH| Source of financing| Assorted candies| 50 packages| 40| 2000| American Hippotherapy Association| Books for painting| 50| 40| 2000| | 5. Mass-media Blazon of mass-media| Blazon of service| Cardinal of advertisement| Amount UAH| Total amount UAH| Source of financing| Magazine “Zdorovie”| Adjustment a appropriate article| One folio + three photo| 2000| 2800| Children's Psychological Center| Web-site zdorovbud. com. a| Placing an article| | 800| | | Photograph | | | 500| 500| Equestrian Federation| 6. Advertisement abstracts Blazon of advertisement| Blazon of work| Cardinal of materials| Amount UAH| Total amount UAH| Source of financing| Prospect, columnist release? | Layout, printing| 100| 1200| 1200| HC SPIRIT| Prospect of the appointment assuming sponsors? | Layout, printing| 300| 1500| 1500| Equestrian Federation| Brochure with abstracts about hippotherapy? | Layout, printing| 100| 2500| 2500| Ministry of Health| Internet banner? | Creating, adjustment on websites zdorovbud. om. uamedical. us | | 800| 800| HC SPIRIT| ? Broadcast four months afore the appointment to the media, accommodating organizations, amusing organizations, in adjustment to acquisition sponsors. ? Broadcast three months afore the appointment in the contour of medical institutions and doctors. ? Issued afterwards the conference to all absorbed and broadcast to the contour Medical Institutions. ? Placed a ages afore the appointment on websites: zdorovbud. com. ua, medical. us and Equestrian Federation site. 7. Medical and Police support Department| Blazon of service| Amount UAH| Total amount UAH| Source of financing| Medical| Emergency army on duty| 1500| 3000| Ministry of Health| Police| Escort of the bus with children| 1500| | | Total expenditures Organization| Expenditures UAH| HC SPIRIT| 4,820| Ministry of Health| 11,100| Equestrian Federation| 2,000| Children's Psychological Center| 2,800| Ministry of Labor and Amusing Policy| 1,200| American Hippotherapy Association| 11,000| Total| 32,920| Columnist kit Columnist absolution Horse as doctor and acquaintance for your children. Hippo therapy- new way of alleviative accouchement with disabilities. Hippotherapy-riding to health” is the byword of the alms accident which is demography abode on 6 April, 2013 in Hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT. The capital ambition is to acquaint parents and doctors about the advantages of such treatment. The accident attracts society’s absorption to accouchement with disabilities. Its aim is to allure added banking advice from government, business bodies and alms organizations. At the alpha the President of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine A. Onishchenko and the Deputy Head of the administration of Reform and Development of anesthetic N. Hobzey will present speeches about the accent of such events. The capacity of the appointment are "Hippotherapy in the assay of bookish palsy" and "Hippotherapy in diseases of the musculoskeletal system". Among the appropriate guests neurologist Professor A. Denisenko (Ukraine), Professor D. Tsverava (Georgia), Professor M. Rukhadze (Georgia), Professor Naomi Robert (USA). Expected cardinal of guests is about 50. The affairs with horses for accouchement includes applied acquaint demonstrating altered methods of hippotherapy in bookish palsy, scoliosis, osteochondrosis. The activity is financed by Equestrian Federation, Hippo assay centermost SPIRIT, Ministry of Labor and Amusing Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Bloom of Ukraine, Children's Psychological Centermost and American Hippotherapy Association. Contact information: Hippotherapy centermost SPIRIT Phones: 099-155-24-54, 096-295-95-45, 093-401-36-94 e-mail: spirit. [email protected] com Advice about alignment The abstraction of the activity was developed by three acceptance of the All-embracing Christian University-Kiev. Hippo assay centermost SPIRIT was admiring to advice in acclimation this accident on their part. That’s why the activity has a anatomy of alms event. Centermost SPIRIT was founded in 2010 in Kiev by a accumulation of enthusiasts with the abutment of the Children's Psychiatric Center. Experts of the centermost authority college apprenticeship degrees and accept been accomplished on the advance "Hippotherapy for children's diseases" abroad. At the centermost assignment able psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, neurologist. Horses are accurately purchased for use in hippotherapy and are accomplished by able athletes. We affliction about safety. Classes are captivated with the accord of three people: the ringleader, hippotherapist and abettor to hippotherapist. Biography of the CEO Director of the Hippotherapy centermost Spirit, Anna Burago, accustomed the centermost in 2010. Prior to that, she took a advance “Rehabilitation of patients with bound ability” at Medics’ Retraining Facility of People’s Friendship University of Russia. She is a specialist in rehabilitation. In May 2010 she completed a advance in “Ridetherapy in Children’s Diseases” and got a accomplishment of instuctor of hippotherapy at Tbilisi Medical Academy. Every year the centermost organizes appropriate contest apropos hippotherapy. List of quotations A ancestor says about the after-effects of therapy: “The better change for Maxim has been the breadth of speech. Afore the hippotherapy, he could say alone a few words acutely and would attack accent alone if it was modeled for him. Afterwards alone four sessions, Maxim speaks about 20 words acutely and is authoritative approximations of several more, sometimes spontaneously. Something amazing happens to Maxim back he is up on that horse. The activity of the accent of the horse walking seems to be allowance Maxim’s academician adapt what it needs to accomplish accent happen. ” Professor M. Rukhadze tells about the aberration of hippotherapy from clinics: “Hippotherapy takes the accommodating out of the acceptable analytic ambience and places them into a added relaxed, yet aesthetic atmosphere in adjustment to advice them accommodated their anatomic goals. Patients are in a accustomed environment, which may advice accommodate their needs into accustomed activity experiences. Children, who are acute to actuality “different”, do not accede the benumbed ambiance to be a clinic. ” Logo Questionnaire for journalists 1. Name and aftermost name 2. Company 3. Phone cardinal 4. E-mail

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