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Choose one of the four scenarios beneath and compose your thoughts on  how you would handle the bearings as the administrator of the bloom  information casework department. In your post, be abiding to analyze which  scenario you are responding to. I  recently started a job as the administrator of an HIM department. I've abstruse  that the accepted abettor administrator had additionally activated for the job and is  very black about not accepting the position. She has been abrasive my  authority in the administration and generally goes abaft my aback to do things  her way. How can I boldness this problem? Sarah, one of my best  medical coders, came beyond the medical almanac of a woman she knew from  college and abstruse that this woman had presented to the ER due to  complications from corrective surgery. Sarah told her acquaintance about this  woman, and her acquaintance again told several alternative people. The woman who  had been to the ER alleged the hospital to accuse and threatened a  lawsuit. When confronted, Sarah accepted to the aperture of  confidentiality. She hasn't fabricated any alternative mistakes, though, and I  really depend on her. How should I handle this situation? The  stack of apart filing grows by several inches in my HIM administration anniversary  day. I can't appoint any added agents to get this beneath control. What should I  do? Jeff has been alive at our ability for 25 years. He is a  talented coder and a archetypal employee. In the accomplished few months, however, I  have noticed that Jeff's assignment is not actuality completed at the aforementioned clip  as it acclimated to be and that it is occasionally incomplete. He is generally  late for assignment and is missing in affairs absolutely frequently, generally after  realizing it. I anticipate Jeff's affection are the aboriginal stages of  Alzheimer's disease, but I am abashed to accompany it up to him. How should I  handle this?

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