High School Narrative Essay

I was built-in on 1998/7/5, in shanghai, china. 9 months I abstruse how to walk. 3 years old my aboriginal day of kindergarten. I cried but I additionally met a lot of air-conditioned kids. I abstruse to read. 4 years old I started to ball and I adulation dancing. 7 years old I went to elementary academy and I was actual exciting. I played violin for one year and again I quit. 9 years old absent my aboriginal tooth, I'm scared. 10 years old I got the aboriginal C in my life. rode my bicycle. 12 years old I went to a acceptable average school, and best bodies are actual acceptable at study. But afterwards 2 weeks, I fabricated a lot of accompany and I adulation my activity in aerial school. my anxiety hurt, my doctor told me that I can't ball anymore, comedy any sports or P. E. class. 13 years old I confused to America because I got a bad account in average school. my parents anticipate that I can't get into a acceptable aerial academy in china. Best of my classmates cried, I cried. I absolutely absent them went I aboriginal came here. but afterwards a few days, I adapted my new activity and I like my new academy Taylor average school. however, I still absence my ancestors associates in shanghai and my friends. I still acquaintance them. additionally took a lot of classes afterwards academy to advance my English. 14 years old I became an eighth-grader, I acquainted I'm so mature. I abstruse a lot from this year. I started to comedy guitar. 15 years old I went to mils aerial school. I got a acceptable grade. 19 years old I went to UC Berkeley. I met my boyfriend. had a acceptable time at UC Berkeley. 24 years old accelerating from UC Berkeley, became a acceptable psychologist. 26 years old I got married, accept a acceptable life. 27 years old got a lot of money and had my aboriginal child. 32 years old got my additional child. 70 years old I got abdomen cancer. 82 years old I died from belly cancer, I donated my organs.

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