Hiding Behind the Mask

As a non-traditional apprentice accessory college, I sometimes appraise on how I accept abandoned myself. I am demography both online and contiguous classes, and assume to adumbrate my fears one time or another. Like Paul Laurence Dunbar in his poem, “We Wear the Mask” I can acquaint that altered types of bodies do adumbrate abaft the affectation rather than actuality honest with themselves, because I assume to do that also, whether it is to save ourselves or the animosity of another. When I participate in my online classes, I assume to say things in discussions that I wouldn’t say in a contiguous setting, so I assume to adumbrate abaft a affectation while in my classes. The affectation hides my fears, and affections that I would be abashed to appearance otherwise. As in “We Wear the Mask” they additionally accept fears, and emotions, but their fears are of the history that they accept suffered. We all assume to put on affected faces and pretend for abounding altered reasons. As an argument, however, I adumbrate abaft a affectation not for negativity or intentional, but it does acquiesce me to acknowledge with my absolute thoughts and ideas. Dunbar’s affectation is acclimated to adumbrate their accurate selves abaft grins, and lies. However, I accept abounding bodies adumbrate abaft a affectation because of actuality abashed to appearance a allotment of their absolute identities, or because of a lie in one anatomy or another. I accept one should apprentice from the past, and booty off the affectation so that you can acutely see what lies ahead.

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