HI300 Unit 5 Discussion

 https://www.amia.org/news-publications/standards-standard/standards-development-organization Standard Development Organizations Identify and analysis accepted development organizations listed on https://www.amia.org/news-publications/standards-standard/standards-development-organization. Select one of the organization’s websites and analyze at atomic 3-4 facts about this alignment and explain what it does.  Should be about 200 words. On two altered branch accord your assessment to  Armine Martirosyan and Sheena Bray with a complete of two pages   Armine Martirosyan  The accepted development alignment that I accept called is DICOM, which stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. DICOM formed a accepted board to formally represent all medical specialties that use imaging. This alignment is the all-embracing accepted to transmit, store, retrieve, print, process, and affectation medical imaging information. DICOM has become complete all-important to the analytic imaging departments by accouterment added able accepted assembly and accepting a bright compassionate of imaging studies (AMIA, 2019). The DICOM Standards Board has a action of authoritative the DICOM Accepted to use and download for free. This alignment makes medical imaging advice interoperable and combines image-acquisition accessories calm from altered manufacturers (DICOM, 2019). DICOM Accepted has been developed and maintained to accommodated the avant-garde technologies.  References: AMIA. (2019). Standards Development Organization. Retrieved January 7, 2019, from https://www.amia.org/news-publications/standards-standard/standards-development-organization DICOM. (2019). Retrieved from http://dicom.nema.org   Sheena Bray Standard Development Organizations CDISC CEN/TC 251 DICOM HL7 IHE IHTSDO ISO TC 215 On Health Informatics LOINC MedBiquitous LOINC (Logical Ascertainment Identifiers Names and Codes) According to AMIA, “LOINC is a coding arrangement for class and alternative analytic measures and abstracts acclimated in cyberbanking affairs amid absolute computer systems”(2019). LOINC provides a accepted way of anecdotic observations application about 41,000 ascertainment terms. Nearly 31,000 of these agreement are acclimated for class testing. LOINC codes acquiesce you to absorb analytic after-effects from assorted sources into a distinct database, acceptance after-effects to be automatically beatific to the adapted abode and convalescent accommodating affliction and analytic research.  Facts: LOINC was founded in 1994 by Clem McDonald at the Regenstrief Institute  LOINC has 6 genitalia back accomplishing a test. Component, Property, Time, Arrangement (Specimen), Scale, & Method LOINC creates several altered argument labels (names) to represent anniversary concept: Fully-Specified Name (FSN), Long Common Name, Short Name AMIA (2019) "Standards Development Organization" https://www.amia.org/news-publications/standards-standard/standards-development-organization Armenta, E. (December 18, 2007) "What are LOINC Codes" http://healthstandards.com/blog/2007/12/18/what-are-loinc-codes/

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